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It's no flagship

HTC preparing to launch new budget smartphone at CES 2015

HTC is preparing to launch a new budget smartphone at CES next week, according to today’s rumor mill. The new smartphone, which will launch with HTC’s existing “Desire” branding, is said to be codenamed “HTC A52” and will ship with a 13MP “selfie” front facing camera in numerous colorful configurations, including “navy blue/vivid blue, taupe purple/tangerine tango, terra white/almond, terra white/tangerine tango” according to @Upleaks.

The company has begun teasing the launch of their new budget smartphone on their official Weibo account, posting the above teaser image reading, “Always Desire more.” I’ll just continue reading into that as I will – to keep looking forward to the company’s true third-generation HTC One flagship device.

Via: 9to5Google
Source: @Upleaks (Twitter) / HTC (Weibo)

Taking the time to get it right

HTC confirms continued development on wearable

htc-logoYou may have heard of these cool new things called smartwatches, with them being all the rage these days and everything. It seems like everybody and their mom is trying to get a smartwatch out in the market these days, a task that has been made monumentally easier now that Google is supplying the software to every hardware manufacturer with their still fairly new Android Wear platform. But one company has remained relatively quiet on the smartwatch front; HTC, the folks behind the upcoming Nexus 9 and the excellent HTC One M8, has still yet to release any sort of wearable device at all. There were some rumors that HTC had been working on a wearable that should have shipped by now, but we’ve not heard much on that front in a long while.

This has lead to rampant speculation that, in another blow to the struggling company, HTC has abandoned plans to release a smartwatch at all – but HTC says not so fast. In a statement provided to Re/code, an HTC spokesperson has confirmed that the company is indeed actively working on a device, which is nearing completing but has been internally delated so as to give it a bit more time in the oven.

There’s still very little we know for sure on the state of HTC’s new wearable, but the company hasn’t had a good track record with anything but smartphones in the past. Just as tablet mania began in earnest in 2011, HTC launched their first – and to date, only – tablet, the Flyer, to just awful reviews and abysmal sales. Consumer reaction to the Flyer was so bad that the company actually scrapped all plans for future tablets at the time, which is part of what makes their now confirmed upcoming smartwatch all the more exciting.

Source: Re/code

It kinda looks like a stretched Nexus 5

This is the Nexus 9 in its rubbery, plastic-y flesh


With Android L, the Motorola Nexus 6, and the HTC Nexus 9 all on the way things sure are getting interesting for those who couldn’t really care less about any phone that begins with a lowercase “i”. We originally reported on a new Nexus tablet offering by HTC, unofficially dubbed the Nexus 9, a couple of weeks ago – and today thanks to infamous leaker @upleaks (a spiritual successor the @evleaks, goodness rest its leaking soul), we’ve got our first purported look at the device, which you can see in the image above.

As you can probably tell, the Nexus 9 we’re looking at above essentially looks like a scaled up, weirdly stretched Nexus 5. That is to say it seems to have the same rubbery, plastic back that is featured and so highly thought of on the black Nexus 5 (seriously, it feels great – nice and grippy, and not at all low quality). It’s got a camera on the top left corner, pretty much where Apple puts the cameras on the iPad line. It’s also got that expected micro-USB port on the bottom alongside that expected HTC logo.

So now we’ve got our first good looks at both the Nexus 6 as well as the Nexus 9, that should theoretically conclude Google’s entire 2014 (and perhaps final?) Nexus lineup, barring any surprise updates to the Nexus 7 or the Nexus 10. What do you think? Will Google’s 2014 lineup be the one to beat, or will you be sticking with Samsung’s offerings?

Source: @upleaks

The rumors are true... probably

HTC and Google to launch the Nexus 9 sometime soon


We’ve been speculating about a HTC-made Nexus tablet for sometime now, but it looks like the rumors are about to come to fruition. According to sources available to the Wall Street Journal, HTC and Google are hard at work on a next-generation large screen Android tablet to be part of the Nexus series. Speculated to be dubbed the “Nexus 9”, the companies’ new tablet would be the successor for the much ignored Samsung made Nexus 10, which hasn’t seen an update for nearly two years now.

The Nexus 9 is expected to launch with Nvidia’s next generation Tegra K1 SoC, which will offer performance significantly greater than that found in either the Nexus 10 or the most up to date Nexus 7. The Nexus 9 will also have the distinction of being the first tablet made by HTC since the launch (and failure) of the HTC Flyer, the first Nexus device made by HTC since the launch of the original Nexus One, and potentially even the last Nexus branded device before the launch of Google’s much rumored Android Silver initiative.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Good marketing or desperation?

HTC and Nokia act snarky towards the Galaxy S5, won’t sell nearly as many units


Oh, guys. What are you doing. Just minutes after Samsung announced their newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, competitors HTC and Nokia have begun throwing some pot shots towards their #1 competitor on Twitter. Both companies are pushing unsurprisingly “anti” Galaxy S5 messages, with the HTC tweet going so far as even suggesting Galaxy S5 owners will be getting a dose of “buyer’s remorse.”


Meanwhile, Nokia is going a more innocent, but no less snarky route, posting a banner showing a photo of a new Windows Phone based Lumia phone with the line “Not the Samsung ;)” next to it (yes, smiley face and all). Unfortunately for both HTC and Nokia, however, history is suggesting that Samsung is likely to sell a whole bunch more Galaxy S5 phones than HTC and Nokia will sell any of their phones, so it’s unclear who will get the last laugh.

Via: Re/code

New flagship HTC on the horizon

Second generation HTC One passes through the FCC


If you’re like me, you’re quite the fan of last year’s HTC One’s hardware and design – no matter how you feel about the Android operating system that it runs. The machine was a thing of beauty – the perfect mix of aluminum and plastic, a gorgeous albeit slightly dim screen, LTE support, insanely fast processors, an innovative camera that tried to do something right when other smartphones were simply trying to do more of the same while throwing more megapixels at it.

That’s why I’m so pumped that the second generation HTC One seems to be drawing ever closer and closer. Today we’ve got word that the new HTC flagship Android phone, which we believe will simply be called the “HTC One” (yes – again) has successfully passed through the FCC, bringing it one giant leap closer to release.


There’s rumor that HTC might be interested in bringing their new flagship smartphone to MWC this week, however we have yet to see any confirmation of that. In the meantime, feel free to speculate on what you think HTC needs to get right this time in order to compete with the likes of the iPhone 5s and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.

Source: FCC / @evleaks

A big win for Nokia

UK rules in favor of Nokia, bans the HTC One Mini

HTC One miniA judge in the Nokia/HTC case taking place in the United Kingdom ruled in favor of Nokia today, claiming that HTC violated several of Nokia’s key patents in the miniaturized version of the company’s flagship phone, the HTC One Mini. The bad news doesn’t end there for Nokia – unfortunately, the judge also believes that the handset’s bigger brother, the HTC One, could be in violation but is giving HTC some lee-way as a response to the company’s declining health in the marketplace as well as for some time to collect their thoughts and formally appeal the decision.

Unfortunately, this means that it is now impossible to purchase an HTC One Mini from any even remotely official outlet if you live in the United Kingdom, as the ban will stay into effect until the conclusion of this hypothetical appeal. The HTC One Mini is considered by many to be a more sanely sized version of an excellently executed smartphone from HTC, which has seen significant trouble in the marketplace from competitors Samsung and Apple.

Via: Engadget
Source: Bloomberg

iPhone up, Android down

Apple iOS gains ground in mobile smartphone war as Android continues to falter


This time last year, it seemed that Android was on track for absolute and total annihilation of the mobile smartphone industry, with Google’s mobile baby eating into not just puny competitors BlackBerry, Palm, and Microsoft, but also Apple’s iOS. The story, as it seems to always do, has been changing rapidly since that thought, with industry statistic analysis company comScore issuing its latest smartphone sales survey results. And the results? Well, they aren’t great news for Google.

The newest results reveals that Apple, not Google, is the clear winner this period, which looks at June – September. Though Android continues to be the number one mobile operating system currently in use on the market, impact of Android smartphones on the marketplace has fallen quite rapidly while impact and strong sales of iOS is on the rise. Out of all the Android manufactures currently selling smartphones, only Samsung managed to make any sort of gains this period; Apple’s share of the market is up 1.5%, while Samsung’s is up 1.3%. HTC and Motorola are down 2.2%, contributing to Android’s decline. And remember – this doesn’t even take into consideration the massive sales numbers of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c over these past few weeks.

While not a clear indication of any real problem that requires emergency addressing by Google, it does constitute a potential worrying trend for Android – it’s becoming more and more obvious that customers aren’t interested in Android phones, but rather in Samsung phones. If you take Samsung out of the picture, not a single Android manufacturer made any noticeable positive impact in Android’s share this period. And if you’re Google, whose business strategy relies on getting as many Android devices out there via as many outlets as possible, that’s a potentially worrying statistic.

Via: TheNextWeb
Source: comScore

A giant HTC, a large HTC, a medium HTC

Newly leaked screenshots reveals the HTC One Max is heading to Verizon


Verizon may have only just scored the HTC One a couple of months ago, but they’re already looking to build up their non-DROID Android repertoire with the HTC One Max, HTC’s long awaited Galaxy Note competitor. Scoring a giant 6-inch screen, the latest version of HTC’s BlinkFeed and Sense software, and – according to an anonymous Verizon employee who leaked the information – a removable back and a fingerprint sensor (a la our new favorite Apple phone), the HTC One Max seems to take everything we know and love about the HTC One and makes it larger and better-er.

Of course, we’re still lacking a release date or any sort of official confirmation that this thing exists, completely ignoring the thought that it’s heading to Verizon. Still, a leak like this is a pretty good indication that lines will be forming at your nearby Verizon store for HTC’s latest and greatest sometime soon… assuming you live in a neighborhood that really likes HTC, of course.

Via: Engadget
Source: AndroidCentral

And just two months later!

Global HTC One gets Android 4.3, improves camera performance


Android devices are usually notoriously slow to get their software patches, which makes HTC’s release of Android 4.3 for the global HTC One today all the more impressive. Android 4.3 was only released to the wild in late July, meaning that HTC took pretty much exactly two months to prepare and push out the update to their customers – not exactly Apple good, but a much better turnaround time than most other manufacturers.

Ontop of all the Android 4.3 goodness, including improved OpenGL support, native Bluetooth LE support, and caching improvements, HTC has also taken the opportunity to improve the HTC One’s camera performance, specifically in low light situations. Early reviews of the HTC One indicated that the phone suffered from a low quality camera despite unique 4MP hardware with large pixels, and HTC has seemingly taken that criticism seriously.

So if you’ve got yourself a global HTC One, keep checking that update menu – you should be seeing your update shortly.

Via: Engadget
Source: Android Highlights

How 4.3" qualifies as mini is beyond me

HTC announces HTC One mini, a 4.3-inch “mini” LTE smartphone

HTC One miniWe’ve been expecting it for quite some time now, but HTC has just finally made it legit – HTC has just announced the HTC One mini, and it turns out that the mini device isn’t really that mini; with a 4.3″ Super LCD panel and a 720p resolution – down from the original HTC One’s 4.7″ 1080p panel – this device is still quite a bit larger than the iPhone 5’s 4.0″ display.

As per usual a smaller display and slimmer body has resulted in quite a few tradeoffs in the performance area, though HTC claims that they cut corners “intelligently” in order to not significantly impact the performance. The HTC One mini features a 1.4 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, and just 16GB of onboard storage with no expansion capabilities – there’s no SD card slot on this bad boy. NFC has also hit the high way, as has the HTC One’s optical image stabilization capabilities, making the One’s camera just a little less extraordinary.

On the upside, the 720p display makes for a panel with a 341ppi pixel density – more than acceptable, beating out the comparable iPhone 5’s Retina Display’s pixel density of 326ppi fairly handedly. Battery capacity has been decreased to 1800mAh, though you shouldn’t really notice any decrease in performance due to the lesser demand for battery on the device.

The HTC One mini will arrive on the market in August, though specific carriers have yet to be announced. The HTC One mini will maintain those same silver and black colors and will be priced at a lower price point than the original HTC One.

For giants, or those with giant hands

Here comes the phablets – HTC planning on launching 6-inch HTC One variant

htcone-blackLooking for an absurdly giant smartphone, but not a big fan of Samsung’s plastic hardware? HTC is certainly hoping so. According to a new report by Mobile Geeks, HTC is planning on releasing a 6-inch variant of their popular HTC One – dubbed the HTC One Max – with a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, and a large and a 3200mAh battery.

Samsung has recently launched their Galaxy Mega line of super mega oversized smartphones even larger than the Galaxy Note series, so it’s clear that there’s some sort of market for these absurdly large handsets. Who’s buying these things, I’ll never know – I find the regular sized HTC One far too large for my normal human sized hands – but hey, if there’s one thing Samsung has proven recently it’s that people want phablets, so more phablets there will be.

Source: Mobile Geeks