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A minor refresh

Apple to launch updated iMac models next Tuesday

2012_imacs_left_right-500x451The current iMac models have been around for quite some time now, so of course, that means it’s time to get rid of them. According to the same folks who originally (correctly) reported that the MacBook Airs would be getting some updated models last year, Apple is preparing to launch updated iMac models this upcoming week – likely Tuesday, given Apple’s predictability.

While we don’t have specifics as to what the new iMacs will contain, we’d be willing to bet all things shiny and glittery in our possession that the new iMacs will be just like the new MacBook Airs before them – minor spec boosts with the same overall design. The current iMac’s design was only introduced in October 2012, after all, and it remains just as stunning – and impressively slim – as it did back then.

So that said, get ready for more of the same with a slightly faster processor, more memory, perhaps some boosted storage options, and maybe – just maybe – even a price drop, if Apple’s to follow the example set by their recent MacBook Air launch. That said,¬†that decidedly¬†non Retina display is getting pretty long in the tooth, don’t you think?

Via: MacRumors
Source: MacGeneration