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p0sixspwn is born

Developer winocm releases iOS 6.1.3+ untethered jailbreak for all devices


At long last, prominent iOS developer and tinkerer extraordinare winocm has released his long promised iOS 6.1.3 – iOS 6.1.5 jailbreak. Acting as an untethered jailbreak – meaning that it doesn’t require a physical connection with a host computer to remain active after the jailbreak takes place – the new jailbreak, which is dubbed p0sixspwn, works on all compatible devices (including A6 devices, such as the iPhone 5.)

It’s worth noting that this p0sixspwn jailbreak is not compatible with devices running iOS 7 – for that, you’ll still need to use the somewhat-sketchy evasi0n7 jailbreak. P0sixspwn appears to be somewhat of a going away present for winocm, who has mysteriously deleted his Twitter account following the release of the jailbreak.

Source: p0sixspwn

Improves speakerphone performance

Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5


Apple has just released a minor update to the iPhone 5 in the form of iOS 6.1.4 that reportedly improves speakerphone performance for the handset. The update is not available for any other iOS device as of yet, suggesting this is an iPhone 5 specific release. iOS 6.1.4 identifies itself as Build 10B350 and can be nabbed over iTunes or through an OTA update.

There’s no word as of yet as to whether or not this update brings any other improvements, but we’ll let you know if we learn more.

Source: MacRumors

Available Today

iOS 6.1.3 released, fixes lock screen exploit

Last month, we brought you news that there was a security vulnerability that allowed one to bypass the lock screen on your iPhone. Later in the month, we also brought news that there was a developer build of iOS 6.1.3 that fixed this issue, as well as a few minor issues for customers over in Japan.

Today we have word that iOS 6.1.3 has been made final so you do not need a developer unlocked iDevice to use it. It fixes the lockscreen exploit (of course), adds some Maps improvements for customers in Japan and it also fixes some other “security issues.”

Also of note is that this update does patch a few of the holes used by the Evasi0n jailbreak so if you’re one from that crowd you should hold off on this update. Otherwise, check your updates and download this update – it’s available for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Source: TheNextWeb
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A key won't help if the lock is the problem

iOS 6.1 trick allows lock screen to be easily bypassed

iOS has had its air share of issues with easily exploitable lock screens since its inception, however the last big flaw that allowed users to bypass the lock screen completely was discovered in the iOS 4.1 days. Well here we are almost three years later, and a YouTube user by the username of “videosdebarraquito” has just posted a very easy to do trick that gives anyone with direct access to your iOS 6.x device the ability to bypass the lock screen.

To perform the trick, all you have to do is make an emergency call and then end it by rapidly clicking the top-right power button twice. I personally tried this myself with an iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.1 and can confirm that this does indeed work.

If interested, check out the YouTube video embedded above.

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Source: videosdebarraquito

Fixes 3G data issues on iPhone 4S

Apple releases iOS 6.1.1

There have been a few people complaining as of late about issues with 3G performance on the iPhone 4S since the release of iOS 6.1.1, and it looks like Apple has heard your cries for help – the company has just released iOS 6.1.1 for the iPhone 4S, fixing exactly that issue. The release notes are as followed:

This update fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S.

Most interestingly, this iOS 6.1.1 seems unrelated to the iOS 6.1.1 beta that was released to developers a few weeks ago, which primarily focused on fixing issues with Apple Maps. Instead, it’s likely that this was whipped together and called iOS 6.1.1 in order to urgently patch the issues with 3G data. The prior iOS 6.1.1 beta release will likely become iOS 6.1.2.

Early reports indicate that iOS 6.1.1 does not break the exploits that evasi0n use to jailbreak iOS 6.x devices, however we recommend if you’re running a jailbroken device that you hold out updating until the team behind the jailbreak gives you the go-ahead.

Cydia for all

evasi0n, the iOS 6.x jailbreak, now released

The infamous group of iOS hackers known as the “evad3rs” have just released their first and wildly anticipated tool, evasi0n, which allows users to easily plug in any iOS device running iOS 6.0.x or iOS 6.1 and perform a jailbreak, which gives users complete access to the device’s operating systems in ways not possible otherwise.

As stated, this tool works on any and all iOS device – even the iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPhone 5 – and is available totally free of charge for Linux, OS X, and windows. Running the tool is said to be both incredibly and safe to use, though it’s always smart to make a quick backup before attempting something like this.

It’s important to remember that while jailbreaking your iOS device provides tons of neat benefits and features that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, it’s also not officially sanctioned by Apple and could potentially void your warranty if things were to go really wrong, however unlikely that may be – so as always, proceed at your own risk.

Source: evasi0n

Apple gets users to update like no other

iOS 6.1 already installed on ~22% of existing devices

iOS 6.1 was just officially released two days ago, and already it accounts for nearly a quarter of all existing iOS devices according to analyst firm Onswipe. This is in sharp, sharp contrast to the likes of Android 4.1, which is only on a mere 10% of existing Android devices and isn’t even the latest version of Android available.

Among the users that Onswipe has been tracking, 24% of them are confirmed iPhone users while 21% are confirmed iPad users. Though it’s difficult to make precise and confirmed announcements on these numbers, this indicates that iOS 6.1 has the quickest adaption rate of any iOS release to date. Apple of course introduced an over-the-air update feature to iOS 5.0 in 2011, making it easier for users to be informed of and perform updates.

Via: cnet
Source: Onswipe (via TechCrunch)

iOS suffers another date related glitch

iOS’s “Do Not Disturb” feature glitches on New Years

iOS has had its fair share of date related glitches, with alarms being reset or ignored on various different time changes and the such. This time however the culprit seems to be the year 2013, as iOS’s “Do Not Disturb” feature – which blocks some notifications from appearing when enabled – was seemingly having difficulty disabling itself at the user’s designated time as it normally would.

The issue seems to be affecting some people more than others – neither my iPhone 4S (6.1) nor my iPad mini (6.0.2) had any issue with Do Not Disturb, but swarms of users have flocked to various forums and Twitter complaining of the issue so it appears to be very real. Apple will, presumably, issue some sort of update to correct the issue from happening in the future before long.

Via: MacRumors

For iPhone 5 and iPad mini only

Apple releases iOS 6.0.2

Apple has today released iOS 6.0.2, a minor update to their popular iOS operating system meant only for the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini (both Wi-Fi and LTE models). The update appears to be a very minor one as the provided release notes are as follows:

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

• Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi

You can upgrade your iPhone 5 or iPad mini to iOS 6.0.2 by using your device’s built in OTA functionality or by plugging it in through iTunes.

Be gone with Apple Maps, if you so desire

Google launching Google Maps for iOS tonight (Update: it’s out!)

Public service announcement: if you’re one of the almost countless people who seem to absolutely despise Apple Maps for one or more of the very numerous reasons to, tonight is a night to celebrate, for Google will officially be releasing Google Maps for iOS tonight on the App Store.

There’s not much known about the app just yet, though we shouldn’t need to wait very long before we learn more. I’d say that it’s fair to expect a similar experience to what Google offers on their Android platform, though some Apple restrictions – such as the inability to change the default mapping application in the OS – will surely limit the experience in some way.

Update: Google Maps is now available on the US App Store here! It supports iPhones and iPod touchs natively.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Bug fixes ahoy

Apple seeds iOS 6.1 beta 3 to registered developers

Apple has today seeded registered paying developers of their iOS platform with a new beta build of the upcoming version of iOS, iOS 6.1 beta 3. The new build carries the build number 10B5117b. Though Apple has yet to officially discuss iOS 6.1 in any official capacity, prior builds of iOS 6.1 have seen Safari improvements, a slightly redesigned Passport application, further improvements on Apple’s new Maps platform, and general speed and stability improvements.

Apple has no release notes on what iOS 6.1 beta 3 officially brings to the table, but we’d expect people to start ripping apart the new build as soon as possible. iOS 6.1 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and newer, the iPod touch fourth-generation and newer, the iPad 2 and newer, and the iPad mini.

Via: MacRumors

Eddy Cue lays down the law

Apple fires Richard Williamson, man responsible for iOS 6’s Maps

Apple has always said to have had a “one strike, you’re out” policy under the late CEO Steve Jobs, and it looks like that tradition is continuing even this long after he’s gone. Eddy Cue, director of all services at Apple, has reportedly fired Richard Williamson, the man responsible for none other than iOS 6’s Maps, which has been seen as an unheralded disaster so bad that Tim Cook had to personally apologize to customers on Apple’s homepage.

The report comes from Bloomberg, who also says that Apple is looking for outside help to improve their Maps service, including Maps partner TomTom, who shared some of its mapping data with Apple for the product.

This is part of a larger management shakeup by Apple, which also saw the departure of retail chief John Browett, and will see the departure of Scott Forstall early 2013.

Via: MacRumors
Source: Bloomberg