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If you could even call it an iPad mini 3

Apple announces the new iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 with Touch ID


At Apple’s usual October event held in Cupertino yesterday, Apple announced their new lineup of iPad tablets, including the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Starting first and foremost with the significantly updated iPar Air 2, Apple’s 10-inch flagship tablet, the Air 2 gains both new internals as well as a redesigned exterior. The new full sized iPad is now significantly thinner than last year’s iPad Air, which already clocked in at just about half the width ads the previous, fourth-generation iPad.

Apple liked to say that the original iPad Air was as thin as a pencil, and now the company is really driving that home with the marketing of the new iPad Air 2. By using a pencil with just amount a third of it removed with a laser in an introduction video played at the event, Apple shows exactly how thin this new iPad is. And yet, despite all the design improvements, the new iPad features an all new A8X SoC, which pairs the improved computing power of the A8 – which launched alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last month – with an even beefier graphics processor. Given that the iPad Air 2 has the same HiDPI 2048 x 1536 display as its predecessors leading back to the iPad 3, this should result in better gaming performance. The iPad Air 2 also now includes Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint recognition technology that launched alongside the iPhone 5s last year. The iPad Air 2 is available for pre-order now in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB options in Space Gray, Silver, and the new Gold – all available in both Wi-Fi and LTE models.

The iPad mini 3, meanwhile, saw somewhat less of an update – in fact, it’s almost shameful that Apple is choosing to market the iPad mini 3 as a separate product at all. While the Air 2 gets improved internals and a new design, the mini 3 uses both the same design and the same A7 SoC found in the iPad mini with Retina Display (now dubbed the iPad mini 2). Literally the only addition here comes in the form of Touch ID and the new gold color. And for your trouble, Apple will also now charge you $399 for the iPad mini 3 – a $100 premium on top of the nearly identical iPad mini 2, which is now available unchanged for $299. The iPad mini 3 is available in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB options – all available in, you guessed it, Wi-Fi and LTE models.

Source: Apple

Also, will it really be called the iPad Air 2?

New photos reveal supposed iPad Air 2 design


We got a boat load of new details about Apple’s rumored next generation iPad tablet just a few days ago, but today we’re getting our first good look at the device. Vietnamese blog has posted high resolution images of what appears to be a thinner, streamlined iPad Air with a recessed volume buttons, no mute switch, and Touch ID. Sound familiar?

While the device in question appears to be an unfinished prototype based on the condition of the aluminum in the back, it does seem to confirm that A.) Apple is indeed working on a new iPad Air with an updated design, and that B.) it’s fairly late in development, leading credibility to the rumor that such a device could appear as soon as next week.

Unfortunately we’ve still got no word on the status of an updated iPad mini model, nor anything concrete regarding that rumored 12-inch iPad Pro model. It would be highly unusual for Apple to launch a new iPad Air without at least taking the time to mention the iPad mini, which has been treated as a major product alongside the larger form factor iPad for the last two years. Apple did update the iPad mini to an A7 processor and outfitted it with a Retina display last year, so Apple could believe that product is already strong enough, potentially be leaving an iPad mini update for later time.

Apple’s next special event is rumored to be taking place on October 16th, so we’re sure to learn more shortly. It is currently expected that Apple will announce updates to their iPad lineup, officially launch OS X Yosemite free for all Mac users, and perhaps even announce a next-generation iMac with a Retina Display. You can view’s full set of iPad Air 2 photos at the source link below.

Via: 9to5Mac

The rumors were true... kind of

iOS 8 includes hidden support for Split-Screen Multitasking on iPad

Going into WWDC last week, one of the biggest rumors regarding what to expect in iOS 8 included Split-Screen Multitasking support on the iPad, a la how Microsoft multitasks applications on Windows 8.1 and Windows RT. Though we didn’t expect to see such a feature going into WWDC – and indeed, Apple hasn’t mentioned the inclusion of such functionality nor does it seem to be present on iOS 8 Beta 1, enterprising developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered that iOS 8 beta 1’s application launcher actually does include hidden support for split-screen multitasking, specifically allowing users to run two applications on the screen at once in multiple sizes – 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4.


Though the functionality appears to be disabled at the moment, that means that Apple actually is considering launching support for the feature at some point in the future, likely sooner rather than later. It isn’t at the moment directly obvious if such functionality will make it into the final iOS 8 release, or if Apple is saving it for a future release, such as iOS 8.1 – and that’s if it’ll make it at all.

Split-Screen Multitasking would likely be limited to the iPad Air initially, however Apple is rumored to be launching a so called iPad Pro option which would be the perfect fit for such a feature. Due to the  smaller screen size, it seems somewhat less like that Apple would be bringing the functionality to the company’s iPad mini line of devices.

No word yet on if there’s any way to unlock this hidden nugget of functionality, but if there is we’ll let you know.

Via: MacRumors
Source: Steven Troughton-Smith (Twitter)

High volume, or low demand?

iPad Air now on sale while consumer interest seems low; reports confirm speedier A7 chip

ipad air

Good news, iPad fans – the iPad Air is now on sale! Yes, that means you can run down to your local Apple Store, slam $500 (or more if you want to get a higher capacity version, which you really should) down on the counter, and walk out with your very own fifth-generation full sized iPad. And I mean it, too – because according to some early reports, Apple Stores don’t appear to really be all that flooded with consumers just begging to get their hands on one. We had heard that Apple would have extraordinarily ample stock of the iPad Air available for just about everyone who wanted one today, but the lack of interest seems almost starling.

We’ve scoured Twitter for some first hand iPad Air launch experiences, and many of them have confirmed what we’ve suspected – there just doesn’t seem to really be anyone lining up to get ahold of one of these things. Joe Hewitt, programmer and designer on Twitter, tweeted his experiences earlier this morning:

Apple Store was a ghost town when I picked up the iPad Air. Something really has changed for Apple. Sad… @joehewitt

Far from being alone in that experience, with TechPops developer Paul Roberts writing:

.@joehewitt I saw the same thing in Northern VA – hopefully people are waiting for the iPad Mini Retina @pauljrob

Of course, Paul could have hit on something – last year, Apple released both the fourth-generation iPad as well as the iPad mini – an entirely new product – on the same day, which would have of course led to increased excitement over the launch. This year, Apple has separated the two launch dates by almost a month, with the iPad mini with Retina Display not expected to launch until late November – likely November 21st.


Also of interest, reports from popular teardown blog iFixIt has confirmed that the iPad Air is running a beefier version of Apple’s A7 chip that was introduced in the iPhone 5s last month. While the iPhone 5s runs at 1.3 GHz, the iPad Air runs at 1.4 GHz – a 100 MHz difference. The iPad version of the A7 is seen with a silver body, seen above, while the iPhone version carries a black body.

Have an interesting launch day story to tell us? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

Source: iFixIt

iPad mini-like design, of course

Apple announces totally redesigned iPad Air

ipad air

As expected, Apple has announced the totally redesigned fifth-generation iPad at today’s special event, and they have decided to dub the new device the iPad air. The new iPad air features a brand new hardware design inspired by the body of the iPad mini, making the tablet both significantly thinner and lighter all while improving performance.

The new iPad 5 comes with a new A7 SoC, the same one found in the iPhone 5s that was announced just last month. The A7 includes 64-bit support that the iPad Air takes full advantage of, which works as it does on the iPhone 5s.

The new iPad Air has the same nearly-10″ display, is thinner than a pencil, and comes with the same 10 hour battery life. The iPad Air begins at $499, the same price as the iPad 4, with 16GB of storage.

Source: Apple