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iPhone 6, iWatch, oh my

Apple’s September 9th Special Event begins to take shape with new iWatch rumors


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and there sure is a lot of smoke to wade through while talking about Apple’s still-yet-to-be-confirmed September 9th Special Event. Re/code was the first to peg that date as the long awaited iPhone 6 reveal event, but as the days have gotten shorter and the calendar has gotten closer, we’ve been learning more and more about what it is Apple will actually be announcing. Yes, of course the iPhone 6 is still happening, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

For one, Re/code today has another breaking exclusive claiming that Apple will use their September 9th event not only as the iPhone 6’s coming out party, but also as the long awaited “iWatch” reveal. According to Re/code, Apple had originally planned to announce the device – which is not expected to hit stores until early 2015, narrowly missing the holiday rush – during the company’s rumored October Special Event, however decided to bump up the schedule for reasons uncited. Apple is reportedly still planning on holding a Special Event in October, where the company may reveal the sixth generation iPad, the third generation iPad mini, and a new 12″ MacBook with a Retina Display.

According to today’s new iWatch report – which, while unconfirmed, come from some rock solid sources – Apple’s wearable will be all about health and automation. The iWatch will act as a fitness tracker, syncing information about today’s activity and general health data with your iPhone and iPad using iOS 8’s new built in HealthKit framework. HomeKit, Apple’s automation functionality, will also be put to good use. Early reports indicate that the iWatch could be used to – say – automatically unlock your frontdoor when you step within a couple of feet of it while wearing your iWatch, or automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room.


Separately, we expect the iPhone 6 to be revealed in two sizes – one with a 4.7″ screen, and another larger model with a 5.5″. We expect both iPhone 6 sizes to be available simultaneously, however with the 4.7″ model available in much larger quantities in initial shipments. The game plan could be set up similarly to how Apple dealt with the rollout of the 5s and 5c models last year; the 4.7″ iPhone, like the 5c, will be available for pre-order immediately while the 5.5″ iPhone, like the 5s did, will launch on a first come, first serve basis without a reservation program in place. Apple did this last year to give everyone a fair shot at nabbing an iPhone 5s on launch day, which was similarly restrained.

As far as pricing, a good guess is that the base configuration 4.7″ iPhone 6 to sell for $199 with 16GB of included storage. The 5.5″ iPhone 6, meanwhile, could launch with 16GB of storage for $299. Apple will continue to offer both the iPhone 5s as well as the iPhone 5c, with the iPhone 5s selling for $99 with 16GB of storage and the iPhone 5c selling for free with 8GB of storage. However, it is important to note that these plans are far from confirmed at this time.

Source: Re/code

An interesting mid lifecycle shift

Apple announces 8GB iPhone 5c, resurrects the iPad 4


In what can only be called an interesting mid lifecycle shift for two of Apple’s most popular lineups, Apple has this morning announced two big changes to both the iPhone and the iPad. First, Apple has officially announced a new version of the company’s colorful midrange smartphone, the iPhone 5c, that includes a reduced 8GB of storage alongside a price drop. This new version is available only in select markets overseas – sorry, America, you’re still stuck with the considerably less awesome iPhone 4S 8GB – and is available for £429 in all its original color options. The new 8GB iPhone 5c retains all other specifications of the older models, including an A6 processor, an 8MP camera, and a 4″ Retina Display.

Even more surprisingly, Apple has also taken the chance to at long last discontinue the iPad 2, the company’s 2011 tablet that stuck around as an entry level 9″ iPad until now for $399. The product has instead been replaced with the iPad 4, a model that Apple had previously discontinued in favor of the iPad Air last Autumn. The iPad 4 (again officially called the iPad with Retina Display) retains the iPad 2’s price tag of $399, but provides a considerable upgrade with a new A6X processor, 512MB of RAM, a Retina Display, and a Lightning connector. Unlike the 8GB iPhone 5c, the return of the iPad 4 will be available in the United States.

Source: Apple

The 5s and 5c arrive

China Mobile customers can pre-order their iPhones on December 12th


Good news, China. At long last, China Mobile has been granted the gift of the iPhone – and it’s coming sooner than you might think. According to a new advertisement by China Mobile, seen above, China Mobiel customers will be able to pre-order their choice of iPhone – iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, of course – starting on December 12th ahead of the official December 18th launch.

China Mobile is advertising these as “4G phones”, indicating what we can only assume to be LTE support in the carrier. A China Mobile customer service representative gave the following quote to inquiries:

Customers can begin to preorder for our new 4G services from Dec. 12 through the company’s website and some dedicated branches in Shanghai. But we will only start providing commercial 4G services after Dec. 18.

Apple has long been interested in expanding their support for China, with Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting mainland China on numerous occasions throughout the past year or so.

Via: MacRumors
Source: China Mobile

An expected shift

Apple to trim iPhone 5c production, ramp up iPhone 5s manufacturing


It didn’t take much foresight to see this coming, and it looks like what we all expected is coming true – the ever reliable The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has begun the process of cutting down on their bright and colorful iPhone 5c production in order to ramp up manufacturing of the increasingly more popular iPhone 5s. The Journal says that this is in order to meet customer demands of the iPhone 5s and due to lower than expected demand for the 5c – something that has become increasingly obvious to most as the iPhone 5s has remained woefully inadequately stocked while Apple appeared to be positively overflowing with unsold iPhone 5c units.

According to the Journal’s source, the changes are expected to take affect sometime this quarter. Apple is currently expected to be cutting iPhone 5c production by as much as 20 percent. So let’s hear it from you – are you having trouble getting your hands on an iPhone 5s, or are you just fine with Apple focusing on the 5c this year? Let us know in the comments!

Via: The Verge
Source: The Wall Street Journal

iPhones, get your iPhones

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hitting regional carriers on October 1st, including Virgin Mobile

iPhone5S-goldThe iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c may have launched to big numbers on September 20th, but some relatively large names were kept out of the fun. The new handsets online launched in the United States on the nation’s big four carriers – Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile – and left some of the smaller fries out of the fun. Well, all of that is changing as Apple appears to be coordinating a mass rollout of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to smaller, regional carriers on October 1st – next Tuesday – including Virgin Mobile.

In whole, the carriers getting the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on Tuesday include:

– Appalachian Wireless
– Bluegrass Cellular
– C Spire
– Cellcom
– Nex-Tech Wireless
– Ntelos
– Strata
– Virgin Mobile

Apple has likely left smaller regional characters out of the fun up until now in order to help meet the insane demand of the new iPhones on the networks that customers were most likely interested in purchasing them on. Now that Apple has had some time to prepare more iPhones however, they more than likely feel more comfortable with spreading the love around a little bit.

Via: 9to5Mac

9 million VS last year's 5 million

Apple sells 9 million iPhones this weekend, smashes their previous record


Take that, naysayers – Apple has announced via a statement today that the company has sold a whopping 9 million iPhones this weekend. That destroys their previous opening weekend sales record of 5 million, which was achieved at last year’s iPhone 5 launch.

Of course, Apple had a little bit of help this year – the scenerios aren’t exactly comparing apples and oranges. The iPhone 5 launched in far fewer countries than this year’s iPhone, and this year Apple had the benefit of launching two models of the iPhone – the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The following is a statement made by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, released alongside today’s announcement.

“This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone.”

Apple is currently having difficulties meeting iPhone 5s demand, which the company has said to be “grotesquely inadequate(ly)” prepared for up until now. Shipping estimates for the iPhone 5s have fallen to October on Apple’s official online Apple Store. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5c is said to be well stocked both online and in store.

Via: MacRumors

Bug fixes ahoy

Apple releases iOS 7.0.1 for iPhone 5s and 5c


So you get home, unbox your shiny brand new iPhone, and go through the same old song and dance to set your newest toy up. You may be surprised to run into an intriguing little nugget after using your new iPhone 5s or 5c today – merely hours after launch, Apple has already released a new software update for their two newest smartphones, iOS 7.0.1.

Apple claims that iOS 7.0.1 includes “bug fixes and improvements” without giving any more real detail. Weighing in at just 17.6MB, it seems as though this is a fairly urgent yet small bug fix to correct an issue that only plagues the iPhone 5s and 5c – previous iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch are still “stuck” at 7.0 with no new update available.

Get downloading

Apple releases iTunes 11.1, required to use iOS 7

itunes_11_iconExcited for the release of iOS 7 today? Don’t worry, we totally are too. But don’t let that stop you doing from the things you have to do in life, like preparing to download iOS 7 today by first downloading and installing iTunes 11.1. Though it doesn’t seem like much, iTunes 11.1 is actually a fairly large update that includes a couple of significant features which you’ll be wanting – namely, iOS 7 support and iTunes Radio.

Apple has included the following release notes with iTunes 11.1, which is available for both Mac and Windows:

This version of iTunes comes with several major new features, including:

iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is a great new way to discover music. Choose from over 250 stations or start a new one from your favorite artist or song. Enjoy iTunes Radio ad-free once you subscribe to iTunes Match.

Genius Shuffle. Introducing a magical new way to experience your music library. Choose Genius Shuffle and iTunes instantly plays songs that go great together. Click it again to hear something new—enjoying your music has never been this easy.

Podcast Stations. You can now create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes. Your stations, subscriptions, and current play position sync over iCloud to the Podcasts app.

Sync with iOS 7. You can now use iTunes to sync your favorite music, movies, and more to devices with iOS 7. In addition, iTunes now makes it even easier to quickly organize and sync apps to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Note: If you are using OS X Mavericks, your book library can now be found in iBooks for Mac.

iTunes 11.1 is required in order to sync your fancy new iOS 7 device (including existing devices as well as the upcoming iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c) with your iTunes library.

Switch to Sprint, save $100

Want a free iPhone? Sprint offering iPhone 5c free to customers who port their numbers


Chances are, you’ve heard of the iPhone 5c at this point. A multicolored iPhone encased in plastic with the (still excellent, might I add) internals of the iPhone 5, A6 processor and all. It costs $99 on contract, but what would you say if I told you that you could get your very own iPhone 5c for free when the device launches on Friday?

That’s the deal that Sprint is offering new customers. All you need to do is port your existing number to Sprint, a relatively easy and painfree process that I personally went through two years ago when I switched to Sprint from AT&T. Once that’s done, Sprint will simply give you $100 towards your new iPhone 5c, making it entirely free.

Or, if you’ve got an eye for the more advanced iPhone 5s, Sprint is offering the same exact $100 back, making the new iPhone 5s just $99 instead of its usual $199 for the 16GB model. Of course, the only kicker in these plans is that you’ll be switching to Sprint – which can either be a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on where you live and the service available, but at the end of the day – a free iPhone is a free iPhone, right?

Via: 9to5Mac
Source: Sprint

Beautifully, unapologetically shameless

Microsoft publishes embarrassing Windows Phone ads mocking Apple

If you’re Microsoft and you’ve been seeing extraordinarily limited success with your Windows Phone platform, what do you do? Well, you’re Microsoft, so you spend as much money on advertising as you really need to in order to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately Microsoft appears to have taken a wrong turn with this strategy however, as the company has just published not one, not two, but seven anti-Apple advertisements mocking not only Apple, the iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 5c – but Apple’s design and engineering teams, Jony Ive, as well as the late Steve Jobs.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 2.39.59 PM

The new ads are almost so bad that they’re almost unwatchable. One such ad features two members of Apple’s iPhone team try to “sell” the concept behind the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c to characters that are qutie obviously meant to represent Steve Jobs and Jony Ive. At one point, an overzealous iPhone engineer says that they’re going to give their customers “the finger” with the new iPhone before it’s “clarified that he meant a fingerprint reader.

Though the ad mocks Apple and what some see as stagnant innovation with their iPhone lineup in recent years well enough, what it doesn’t do is sell Windows Phone devices in any real way. Instead of talking about the benefits of the Windows Phone platform – the beautifully designed Nokia devices, increasing developer support, a more than “good enough” Windows Phone 8 operating system, the ad merely takes poor potshots at Apple and hopes that the viewer will get the message. And at the end of the day, though it may be funny for Microsoft’s core audience to watch, it won’t sell any new Windows Phones – and that’s just sad.

You can checkout one of the advertisements embedded after the break, if you’re so inclined. Do you think this was the right marketing move for Microsoft? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

Plastic not just colorful, but more durable

The iPhone 5c’s greatest feature: durability


Apple missed a marketing opportunity here. Back in the old days, when I owned the original iPhone (“2G”, for all you retronamers) and the iPhone 3GS, I never really feared my iPhone. The aluminum back of the original iPhone instilled confidence in me just as it does on my MacBook Pro, and my 3GS’s plastic body felt sturdy while not feeling cheap. Then came the iPhone 4. The glass body, the thin aluminum frame – cracked screens, cracked backs, cracked cracks cracked. The iPhone 4S (being virtually the same phone as the iPhone 4 on the outside) did nothing to alleviate this problem, and as a result I’ve loyally kept my iPhone 4S in a case for the last two years.

I never had an iPhone 5, but I’ve heard the same issues of the 5 that I’ve worried about on my 4S (sans the glass back breaking), plus some. Suddenly hundreds and hundreds of thousands of iPhone users had to worry about breaking their iPhones, and had to spend tons of money on iPhone cases.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if, by going back to the iPhone 3G/3GS’s plastic styled back with the iPhone 5c, the biggest feature is actually durability? Calling it right now, you won’t hear over half of the durability complaints regarding the iPhone 5c that we’ve heard reported over and over again regarding the iPhone 4/4S/5. What is the iPhone 5c totally alleviates the need for a case, and you never again have to worry about carrying your iPhone around in a less-than-stellar case?

These aren’t what ifs, these are just likely. Prior experience has told us that as long as the build quality is on par with the iPhone 3G/S, you won’t really have to worry about it; as long as the paint and coat are durable and make it through wear and tear, you’ll never have to cover those colors. I personally won’t be going with the iPhone 5c this time, and will instead likely be making the iPhone 5s my new phone, however I’ll still have to struggle with putting a case on my 5s in fear of doing some hardcore damage. And with that, I envy you, future iPhone 5c users.

We didn't get a low cost iPhone

Apple’s stock experiences sharp decline over iPhone 5c price concerns, and why we were all wrong


At yesterday’s iPhone event, Apple was expected to release a new, more affordable iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5C. It would be made of plastic, so as to lower the cost of the phone, come in a wide variety of colors, and would sell for $99 subsidized and around $400 unsubsidized. That didn’t happen. Instead what we got was the iPhone 5c, a $99 subsidized phone in a wide variety of colors that costs a whopping $549 unsubsidized.

Notice the big gap between expectations and reality? Sure, we got that second iPhone line – and we even pegged the name of the device – but we were all totally wrong about the purpose of the phone. We expected a low cost iPhone, instead we simply got a colorful iPhone.

And this big gap between expectations and reality has hit Apple hard today – the company was down yesterday following their big keynote event, and it’s down over $25 today at the time of writing. Analysts had predicted that Apple was finally ready to combat the flood of low cost, crap Android devices with a low cost iPhone, but they lost one thing – Apple makes competitors fight on their level. Not the other way around.

It was folly for any of us to expect a low cost iPhone, because such an iPhone would have been riddled with compromises not all too unfamiliar to those with low cost Android devices. Apple is a no compromises company – they firmly believe, to the point of it being encoded in their DNA, in giving every customer the best possible experience. Plastic was never chosen for its cost, it was chosen for its colors – the iPhone 5’s internals weren’t chosen because they’re cheap, they were chosen because they’re more than good enough for the mainstream.

We knew almost everything going into the iPhone event yesterday, but as we also now know we missed the point. Those analysts who remained convinced to the bitter end that Apple was planning a coup on the low end market are the reason that Apple’s stock is falling off a cliff today, and they’ll also be the reason for the stock’s recovery in a few months time when the iPhone 5c proves to be a hit among its target demographic – the general consumer.