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iOS 7 inspired design, 64-bit enhanced

Apple announces completely rewritten iWork applications for Mac and iOS

On top of announcing new versions of Apple’s iLife suite for both OS X and iOS today, Apple has also announced an entirely rewritten suite of iWork applications for both OS X and iOS. Both come with new designs and are enhanced for 64-bit systems, such as the newest Mac lineup as well as the iPhone 5s.

On the iOS side of things, iWork gains a new iOS 7 inspired user interface. Apple has also made these applications more powerful and convenient to use, bringing a (much requested) toolbar to iWork while using it in portrait mode Рpreviously, the toolbar was only available while using iWork in landscape mode. Keynote gets new, dynamic transitions and effects while Numbers gets new dynamic number crunching and dynamic graphs.

Both iWork for iOS and iWork for Mac are available starting today, entirely free of charge with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device. Presumably, these updates will also be free of charge for existing owners of iWork.

iWork for iCloud has also been updated to include some of these new features and designs. On top of that, iWork for iCloud also gains real-time collaboration functionality akin to what Google has on their Google Docs on Drive software. Despite all of these improvements, the software is still considered to be in beta.

The best mobile productivity apps get better

iLife and iWork to come free with all new iPhones


While Apple was intensely focused on their new iPhones today, they did make one other large, major announcement. Starting soon, their popular iLife and iWork iOS applications will come entirely free of charge on all new iPhones. Considered the two best productivity applications in the mobile market, iLife and iWork were fairly costly applications prior to this.

Unfortunately, Apple has yet to update either iLife or iWork with iOS 7’s new user interface and user experience design, so the two apps still look fairly out of place on your shiny new iOS 7 install. But hey, who’s going to scoff at free candy – especially when the candy tastes so,¬†so good?

Get your iWork on

Apple launches iWork for iCloud open beta

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.46.47 PMIf you’re a member of iCloud, you got a new surprise today – Apple has just released iWork for iCloud as an open beta public and available for all. Users will now be able to open, save, and export iWork documents right from their web browsers, whether you’ve got a Mac or a PC. iWork’s full suite of editing tools is available, including the usual suspect of OS X fonts, Microsoft Word support, formatting, etc. and so forth.

Previously, iWork for iCloud had been in a limited private beta available to only those special folk (and registered developers) while Apple tweaked and polished the service. Interested? Head over to Apple’s iCloud portal and try it out. It’s free as in… well, something that’s free.

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Apple updates Safari for Mac, iWork for iOS, and iLife for Mac apps, removes mention of Safari for windows

Apple has updated a whole slew of applications to go along with today’s OS X Mountain Lion release, including releasing Safari 6.0, a whole new version of Apple’s default web browser, for OS X Lion systems. This is the same version of Safari that is bundled in with OS X Mountain Lion and offers new features, rendering improvements, as well as controversially the removal of the built in RSS functionality.

Apple has also updated some of it’s iLife for Mac applications, as well as Aperture, bringing full fledged support for OS X Mountain Lion, as well as the odd bug fix and improvement here and there. The new applications are versioned at iPhoto 9.3.2, iMovie 9.0.7, and Aperture 3.3.2.

Finally, Apple has updated it’s iWork for iOS applications to include iCloud support. This will allow users to save their documents to the cloud and share them between other Mac and iOS users of Apple’s office suite.

Now onto more curious matters, Apple has apparently removed all mentions of Safari for Windows from it’s website, though the official download link is still active. Safari for Windows has now been updated in quite some time and has enjoyed relatively low adoption from the Windows community, perhaps triggering Apple to halt development of the app.

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