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Well, Apple does have a reputation

Confused ‘Price Is Right’ contestants think the iPhone costs $7,500


Taking a break from CES coverage for a moment to highlight people’s perception of Apple in 2015 – namely, Apple’s reputation for high prices. Two out of four of the contestants in an episode of ‘Price is Right’ were asked how much they thought a 16GB iPhone 6 and a year’s worth of 4GB of data and unlimited talk/text were worth.

Two of the four contestants thought all of that would cost the average consumer $7,500, whilst the latter two guessed $850 and $930 respectively. The actual cost? $1,969.

This isn’t the first time we’ve got the impression that consumer sentiment is that Apple is over priced; in fact, the company is continuously accused of price gouging and over pricing their electronics, and have been practically since the company’s inception. This is often bologna, as the Price Is Right just showed; when comparing actual specifications of Apple products with competitor’s products, Apple often is within earshot and almost always competitive.

‘Price Is Right’ host Drew Carrey at the time commented that he hoped ‘the marketing people at Apple are watching this.’ Me too, Drew. Me too.

Interested in seeing this mess for yourself? We’ve embedded a YouTube video of the recording after the break.

Source: Mediaite

"Sir, I think this is the wrong phone"

Hired celebrity tweets Galaxy S4 praise… from his iPhone


Oh dear. It appears that David Ferrer, a spanish professional tennis player who just so happens to have been paid to tweet out some kind words about his “new Galaxy S4”, is using the wrong phone. And by that I mean even though his tweet says he’s “configuring S Health on my new #GalaxyS4 to help with training @SamsungMobile”, the actual tweet itself was tweeted from none other than an iPhone, as evidenced by the screenshot grabbed by AppleInsider above.

The tweet has since been taken down, however not before it was noticed by a a journalist from The Huffington Post quick on their feet (and with their fingers), eager to post evidence of Samsung’s misfortune. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened – Opera recently and famously tweeted about how much she loves her Microsoft Surface from her Apple iPad, whilst the Chinese government orchestrated a media campaign against Apple on Twitter while posting all of those tweets from iPhones.

There’s a lesson to be learned here somewhere, I’m sure. Not like Samsung doesn’t have the advertising budget for a few misfires like this, though.

Via: AppleInsider
Source: HuffingtonPost