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iOS 7 comes to the desktop

Apple announces Mac OS X “Yosemite”

overview_hero_xHere on the stage of WWDC we have the first demonstration of the next version of Mac OS X, called “Yosemite” and versioned 10.10. As some have suspected, 10.10 contains a new UI and several tweaks to bring it more in line with iOS.


The main UI has dropped its old look and has now gone to a flat and simple design with plenty of gradients and Helvetica Neue. Translucency, as also seen in iOS 7, is used reasonably heavy here in Yosemite and the Dock returns to its pre-10.5 form.

The Notification center has been improved with a new Today view that, as its name implies, allows you to see what’s going on today. Spotlight improvements also abound as it now lets you search from the desktop for any little thing you want to, much like the Search charm in Windows 8.1.

A new feature in Yosemite is further unification between iPhone and Mac OS. If you pair your phone with your Mac, you’ll gain the ability to read your phone’s notifications including call notifications which you can even answer or ignore.

Mac OS X Yosemite will be available for free later this year in Fall.