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A couple more months of waiting

Apple announces new Mac Pro desktop availability in December


Apple was expected to release their new Mac Pro desktops today, however looks like we have a couple of months longer left to wait – while discussing the new desktop, Apple confirmed that the new Mac Pro will begin shipping in December.

Phil Schiller confirmed again that the Mac Pro was designed and will be manufactured right here in the United States, bringing production of a mainstream Mac computer back to the United States for the first time in decades.

Apple also confirmed some new specifications on the Mac Pro, and confirmed that it’s both faster, quieter, and more energy efficient than today’s Mac Pro lineup. In fact, the new Mac Pro is about as quiet sitting at peak operations as the Mac mini – a significantly less powerful, smaller computer.

A surprise update

Apple releases new iMacs with Haswell processors, 802.11ac, faster storage

2012_imacs_left_right-500x451In a surprise move, Apple hs today updated their popular line of iMac computers. The new iMac retains the familiar iMac design of the previous generation, which was launched late last year alongside the iPad 4 and the iPad mini, but inside features entirely new components.

Most notably, the new iMac benefits from Intel’s newest Haswell processors (the same architecture used in yesterday’s new Surface Pro lineup), which offers considerably improved performance with lower power consumption. The new iMacs also include faster, next-generation 802.11ac wi-fi, faster PCIe based flash storage, 8GB of RAM standard, 1TB traditional HDD standard.

Apple announced the new iMacs with a statement from Phil Schiller, the company’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

“iMac continues to be the example that proves how beautiful, fast and fun a desktop computer can be,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “Inside its ultra-thin aluminum enclosure, the new iMac has the latest Intel processors, faster graphics, next generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi and faster PCIe flash storage.”

The new iMac comes in both 21-inch and 27-inch display sizes, each in multiple configurations. the new iMac is available today at, available to ship immediately. On top of the standard configurations, Apple offers several online exclusive built to order options with faster hard drives, more storage, more RAM, a faster processor, and more, though shipping times for these models is considerably slower than that of the standard configurations.

Source: Apple

Have at it

Apple seeds OS X 10.9 Mavericks Developer Preview 8


Apple has today released OS X 10.9 Mavericks Developer Preview 8 to paying registered OS X Developers just nearly two weeks following the release of Developer Preview 7. The new operating system is, of course, Apple’s next generation OS X operating system for their Macintosh line of computers.

Apple is, as per usual, short on what exactly has been changed or improved in this iteration of Mavericks, saying only that “this update is recommended for all users running OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 7”. We’ll let you know as to any changes or improvements to the operating system as soon as we know more, if there are any big changes to note.

One thing worth mentioning is that though this is the eighth developer preview of OS X Mavericks, Apple is not expected to release the operating system to the general consumer base until late October at the earliest. As such, we could be in for at least another two developer previews prior to seeing the appearance of the Golden Master build.

For the world to enjoy

Apple targeting late October for OS X 10.9 Mavericks launch


Though OS X 10.9 Mavericks has been available to paying registered developers for quite some time now, it’s been relatively quiet regarding a potential official Mac App Store release date. While an original rumor claimed that Apple could be preparing to launch their next generation OS X operating system, which is used on their popular Mac line of computers, at their September 10th iPhone event next week, that rumor was quickly shot down by some credible sources.

Now we know the truth (or at least what we’re inclined to take as the truth): according to numerous reliable sources, including AllThingsD – who famously pegged September 10th as the iPhone 5S / 5C launch event date a month in advance – Apple is currently targeting a OS X 10.9 Mavericks release for late October, after all the iPhone event hype has already died down.

AllThingsD suggests that this is perhaps slightly later then Apple had originally intended to release the operating systems. Apple was reportedly forced to delay the launch after moving engineering resources away from the OS X team to work on iOS 7, which had more pressing development concerns at that point in time. As iOS 7 development is wrapping up / has potentially ended however, Apple is likely once again working hard on completing development for OS X Mavericks.

Source: AllThingsD

Bug fixes and improvements

Apple releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6


There’s been a lot of focus on Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 7, some of us tend to forget about that other major operating system Apple develops and sells – OS X, the system behind their line of Mac computers. Announced at WWDC alongside iOS 7, OS X 10.9 Mavericks is the next generation version of OS X and the followup to the very successful OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. It’s also the first version of OS X to ship sans a big cat name.

Well today Apple has released their next developer version of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Developer Preview 6. Apple is, as per usual, short on exact details regarding what’s new, simply saying that there are some bug fixes and improvements abound. OS X Mavericks isn’t expected to launch alongside iOS 7 at Apple’s major September 10th even, which is expected to focus solely on the iPhone, however Mavericks should ship not long after to Mac users via the Mac App Store.

We’ll let you know about any major improvements or changes as soon as we know more – but until then, paying developers should head to the Developer Portal (or the Mac App Store for users of a previous Mavericks Developer Preview) and get downloading.

Slight year-over-year loss

Apple announces $35.5 billion in revenue, $6.9 billion in profits in Q3 2013

apple-logo-wwdc13Apple has just announced their Q3 2013 profits, and there’s basically good news all around – the company reported $35.5 billion in revenue with $6.9 billion in profits, $7.47 earnings per share. That’s just a smidge of a year-over-year loss, with Apple reporting $8.8 billion in profits in Q3 2012 – though that’s hardly indicative of any sort of issue, but rather more than likely due to the fewer amount of new products released in the same time period this year compared to last.

Specifically, Apple sold 31.2 million iPhones, 14.6 million iPads, and 3.8 million Macs – that’s a large increase in iPhone sales year-over-year, though iPad sales and Mac sales are both slightly down since last year.

Apple isn’t expected to release any major new product until the new 2013 iPhones, expected in September of this year. Unlie previous years where Apple simply released one new iPhone model per year, Apple is expected to release two new iPhone models this year – the successor to the iPhone 5, known as the iPhone 5S, as well as a new “budget” iPhone which is expected to replace the iPhone 4S as the $99 iPhone. Apple is also expected to be releasing a new fifth-generation iPad as well as a second-generation iPad mini (without a Retina Display, unfortunately) prior to the holidays this year.

Apple most recently released a major new update to their MacBook Air product line, introducing better battery life, improved performance, and Haswell processors to the svelte notebook line.

The rumors were right

Apple announces OS X 10.9 Mavericks (and iCloud keychain) (Updated!)


Apple has today announced their long expected new version of OS X, OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”. Mavericks changes up OS X in some pretty significant ways for power users, bringing improved multi-monitor support that allows more than one app to run at a time when an app is full screened, performance improvements to Safari, tabbed Finder windows, and the ability to tag files on the operating system.

Another big addition to OS X 10.9 Mavericks is a change to the way multitasking works. OS X now gains the ability to multitask in a similar manner to iOS, where apps running in the background are suspended in a “low power state” until the system recognizes that the user wants to use the app, when it is resumed.

Apple has also just announces iCloud Keychain, a service that remembers your passwords (significantly encrypted, of course) across various devices – including iOS 7, we hope. iCloud keychain intelligently suggests credit cards, passwords, and other saved data depending on the situation.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks will be available as a digital download from the Mac App Store this fall for consumers. A developer release is available for register, paying developers today.

Get your Apple fix as it happens

Apple to livestream today’s WWDC keynote, starting at 1PM EST / 10AM PST


In exactly one hour, Apple will begin their annual WWDC keynote event, which always brings a host of new goodies and toys for Apple faithful to ooh and aah over. This year, the stakes are higher than ever as Apple struggles to retain position as the dominant and most innovative force in the mobile industry. The company is expected to come out swinging today with the introduction of iOS 7, the long awaited redesign to Apple’s aging iOS operating system. And that’s not even mentioning Apple’s expected update to their desktop operating system, OS X 10.9, as well as an update to their Mac product line – and perhaps even more.

If all that sounds good to you, Apple’s inviting you to watch the event as it happens with an exclusive livestream. The event starts are 1PM EST / 10AM PST sharp, and is available here for Mac / iOS users, or on the dashboard of the Apple TV for those who prefer to watch it from the comfort of your home theater. (Sorry PC fans, Apple isn’t officially supporting Windows for this livestream.)

We’ll be covering the event live, so feel free to stick around for all the top stories in Apple as they develop!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines

Apple Store down ahead of WWDC keynote

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.49.00 AM

As per tradition, Apple has taken down the Apple Store prior to today’s WWDC keynote in anticipation for the launch of some brand new products that are expected to be announced today. Apple routinely takes down their online Apple Store prior to a major event in order to add the new products and make sure customers don’t purchase a product the company plans on replacing the day of an update – not to mention it’s a great way to build up hype for new products.

Apple is expected to be introducing a brand new version of both of its major operating systems, iOS and OS X, dubbed iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 respectively. iOS is said to be seeing a major redesign towards a new “flat” aesthetic as heralded by Jonathan Ive, while OS X is scheduled to see some updates for “power users” such as a new tabbed Finder, dual monitor improvements, and Mission Control enhancements. Apple is also expected to launch an update to their MacBook line.

You can check out a list of everything we realistically expect to see at WWDC today right here, so be sure to check that out!

World's first native cocoa Gecko browser

Goodbye, Camino; development ends after ten long years

CaminoIt was a long time coming, but the day has finally come – Mozilla hadn’t been officially supporting the Camino browser project for some time now, dedicating all their OS X efforts to their more mainstream browser, Firefox. Camino hadn’t been updated for over a year now, and the technologies used in the browser has remained so old that the last update has virtually no HTML5 support or support for absolutely any modern web technologies.

Still, back in “the day”, Camino used to be one of the best and most popular browsers on OS X. Though it’s fallen out of favor for the likes of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, there’s still something sad to be said about this. Thanks for all the good times, Camino.

Via: MacRumors

Patience, they say, is a virtue

Jim Dalrymple confirms: no iPhone 5S at WWDC


It’s time to put away our lofty dreams and hopes and be realistic: many a rumor had implied that WWDC ’13 would be the home of the iPhone 5S unveiling, just like how Apple announced the iPhone 3G/3GS/4, but it is not meant to be – after deliberation from within Apple, Jim Dalrymple, who is essentially the premiere Apple blogger, has “confirmed” that we will not be seeing the iPhone 5S at WWDC this year. Instead, the iPhone 5S will see a separate developer event at some point after WWDC – though Jim doesn’t explicitly give any dates, we’d say that an August/September launch is in line with expectations. Apple had previously used this timeframe for all iPod launches back when the iPod was the big name around the block. This lines up with what we figured months ago now.

Instead, what we’re looking at is a possible launch for an updated Mac product/products. The Mac Pro seems like a logical fit here – Tim Cook had previously confirmed that the Mac Pro will be seeing an update at some point in 2013, and this is a developer event – and the Mac Pro is a developer’s machine of choice.

Jim also confirms that we will be getting a good look at both iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 at WWDC, which everybody has known for some time anyways. iOS 7 will be the big player, according to Jim, with a redesign to the operating system of the likes not seen since iOS’s inception, though he’s adamant that iOS 7 will be more of an evolution in design rather than a revolution. We’ll see lots of new, but it’ll function just as it always has. No word if OS X 10.9 will see any of these massive design changes, however.

Source: The Loop

More iOS features make their way to OS X

New OS X 10.9 rumor suggests improvements for “power-users”


Last year prior to the release of OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion”, the company said that they were planning on releasing at least one new major update to OS X every year, putting the product on an annual update cycle similar to the company’s other major platform, iOS. That really hasn’t panned out – “Mountain Lion” was revealed in February of 2012 – but today a new rumor helps ease our long wait. 9to5Mac, which has been very accurate in the past, claims that OS X 10.9 – which is internally codenamed “Cabaret” – will focus primarily on new features for power users, something that should please the “core” Apple users who have been around since the beginning of OS X.

First, 9to5Mac claims that OS X 10.9 will include a totally redesigned Finder experience centered around tabbed browsing, a la Safari / most other modern web browsers. A tabbed Finder is something that power users have been clamoring for for years now, with hacky-mods such as TotalFinder bringing this to brave souls willing to sacrifice a little bit of security and stability for such a powerful tweak. Apple is also working on “re-working Safari” to get more performance and speed increases out of the popular browser. Mission Control is also said to be getting a little tweak in the form of a big, long requested feature that will allow users to put individual “Spaces” and full-screen apps on individual monitors in a full screen setup. You know what that means, folks – dedicated Twitter screens!

Finally, in what seems to be the biggest change, OS X 10.9 will rework how the operating system handles “background applications”. Currently OS X treats all apps the same, allowing even those open but idle in the background to take up basically as many resources as the app currently in use. 9to5Mac suggests though that 10.9 will give the operating system the ability to “pause” background applications in the same way that iOS currently does. This will improve both the performance of the application in use as well as the battery life of the machine, however will render applications less powerful whilst idling. 9to5Mac does not note as to whether or not this feature will be mandatory or optional, however we’d imagine such a large change in the inner workings of OS X would not be mandated.

Source: 9to5Mac