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Well, Apple does have a reputation

Confused ‘Price Is Right’ contestants think the iPhone costs $7,500


Taking a break from CES coverage for a moment to highlight people’s perception of Apple in 2015 – namely, Apple’s reputation for high prices. Two out of four of the contestants in an episode of ‘Price is Right’ were asked how much they thought a 16GB iPhone 6 and a year’s worth of 4GB of data and unlimited talk/text were worth.

Two of the four contestants thought all of that would cost the average consumer $7,500, whilst the latter two guessed $850 and $930 respectively. The actual cost? $1,969.

This isn’t the first time we’ve got the impression that consumer sentiment is that Apple is over priced; in fact, the company is continuously accused of price gouging and over pricing their electronics, and have been practically since the company’s inception. This is often bologna, as the Price Is Right just showed; when comparing actual specifications of Apple products with competitor’s products, Apple often is within earshot and almost always competitive.

‘Price Is Right’ host Drew Carrey at the time commented that he hoped ‘the marketing people at Apple are watching this.’ Me too, Drew. Me too.

Interested in seeing this mess for yourself? We’ve embedded a YouTube video of the recording after the break.

Source: Mediaite

$12 million marketing deal

Iron Man could soon be trying to sell you an HTC One


According to Bloomberg, Robert Downey Jr. has signed on with HTC for an exclusive two year long marketing deal set to begin before long spanning across television, print, and billboard advertising not only in the United States, but across the world. Reportedly, Robert Downey Jr. agreed to the the deal after gaining partial creative control of the material, meaning that Robert Downey Jr. will have some say in creating the advertisements alongside HTC.

HTC’s new flagship device, the HTC One, has been a critical success if not a commercial success – a thoughtful, brilliantly designed, powerhouse of a phone, the HTC One is the primary competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the “best” Android phone on the market. HTC is rumored to be bringing an HTC One “mini” to the market before long, with leaked photographs making their way online depicting a noticeably smaller, 4.3″ device with a body extraordinarily similar to the existing HTC One’s.

Via: The Verge
Source: Bloomberg