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Company removing messaging from Facebook app

Facebook is going to make you download Messenger on your phone


If you’re like me and have held out on downloading Messenger for your smartphone considering that messaging functionality built into Facebook’s main app is more than “good enough”, prepare for a bit of a downer. Facebook has just announced that, in the coming weeks, they will be removing the messaging functionality from their primary Facebook application on numerous mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

A Facebook spokesperson told Recode, “We’ve found that people get replies 20 percent faster on Messenger than on Facebook,” and wants to push those who rely on Facebook’s messaging service over to what they consider to be a better experience. This also means that Facebook will likely have no just one, but two main spots on your smartphone’s home screen – one app to check out your News Feed, and one to cut with your friends.

The changes should be rolling out to users in both Europe and the United States within just a couple of weeks. No word yet on whether or not this will effect users of Facebook’s “Paper” mobile application on iOS, which also contains both the News Feed and messaging. However we have contacted Facebook for more information and will report back as soon as we know more.

Source: Recode

Send texts while you Hangout

Google announces updated Hangouts app for Android with SMS support

GoogleHangoutsAs Google grows closer and closer to the release of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4, Google made a big public deal about a dramatic improvement to their Google Hangouts application that has been released on the Google Play store today that will just be a perfect fit for your new Nexus. Namely, Hangouts – the iMessage competitor that has always been a step behind Apple and iMessage due to its lack of built in SMS texting support, for those few times your friends aren’t running on Google’s proprietary messaging protocol. But no more. That’s right, starting today, Google has announced that they’ve been SMS texting right into Hangouts, finally making it the iMessage competitor it was just destined to be.

On top of the oft requested feature, Google has announced that they’ve built GIF support right into Hangouts for all your cat meme needs – again following in the footsteps of iMessage, which has supported GIFs for years now. Still, playing catchup isn’t always a bad thing – these are two pretty positive steps in the right direction for Google and Hangouts. Now Google, it’s time to stop playing in the sandbox and bring out the big funs – Android 4.4.

Via: Engadget

Facebook Messenger goes iOS 7

Facebook launches redesigned Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android

facebook_messenger_android_2Facebook has just launched an all new, totally redesigned version of their Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android client, bringing Facebook’s standalone messaging service and competitor to iMessage and Hangouts to the era of flat design with a whole new user interface that picks up and runs with Apple’s iOS 7 design paradigm – even on Android. That’s right, both Facebook Messenger for iOS and for Android feature the same UI designed for iOS 7, and I’ve got to admit – it looks right at home on Android, judging by some images of the app simulated running on an HTC One that the company posted today, which you can see above.

On top of the totally renewed user interface, Facebook says that their new Messenger app comes as something of a relaunch of the company’s mobile messaging efforts. Facebook says that they’ve totally rewritten the application on Android to be more native to that platform, though that comes at the price of at least one pretty big advantage Facebook Messenger for Android had over iOS – the ability to use the app to send SMS messages. Officially, Facebook told The Verge that the feature was removed due to the relative unpopularity of that particular feature, however I can’t see how it would have been hurting anyone to leave it there for those who did use it.

Other than that, the new and somewhat improved Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store in beta to a limited number of users starting today. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite, might be worth giving that new UI a try if you find yourself chatting on Facebook fairly often.

Update 10/29/13 @ 1:43 PM EST: We had originally incorrectly reported that today’s new Facebook Messenger was available immediately to all users starting today, however we have confirmed that this is not the case. Please excuse us for this inconvenience!

Source: The Verge

People love WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over 250 million monthly users

whatsappWhatsApp certainly has the reputation as one of the world’s most popular mobile messaging applications, but now we have some real concrete numbers to back that up. According to The Wall Street Journal, WhatsApp is currently home to over 250 million monthly users with over 18 billion messages sent a day – that would be far more than people use Facebook, and more monthly users than Twitter currently sees by over 50 million users – no small number.

WhatsApp most directly competes against Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Message, and Google’s new Hangouts initiative in the mobile messaging space. The market can certainly be seen as currently deadlocked in a battle to be crowned the true “replacement” to the limited SMS protocol, which has been around for quite some time.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Complete with cross platform support

Google turns “Hangouts” into an iMessage/BBM/WhatsApp messaging competitor

Google-Hangouts-LogoGoogle has just announced that their popular “Hangouts” feature will be transformed into a seamless mobile text messaging replacement protocol, similar in vein to Apple’s iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, and WhatsApp. The new service will allow users to seamlessly message other Google users running either Android, iOS, and Google Chrome (browser or OS) with a new suite of native and web applications.

Google Hangouts replaces both the old school video Google Hangouts feature on Google+ as well as the ill fated Google Talk service, which never really managed to garner that much popularity in an era dominated by AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger. Google certainly has an uphill battle however – iMessage is integrated into every iOS device on the planet by default, and WhatsApp has got its own massive dedicated userbase. And let’s not forget Facebook who, with Facebook Messenger, is trying to do virtually the same thing as Google here – only it has the established user base to really back it up.

The Hangout app will be available soon for all platforms, however Google has yet to outline any availability date.

Source: Google I/O Developer Conference 2013