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Company removing messaging from Facebook app

Facebook is going to make you download Messenger on your phone


If you’re like me and have held out on downloading Messenger for your smartphone considering that messaging functionality built into Facebook’s main app is more than “good enough”, prepare for a bit of a downer. Facebook has just announced that, in the coming weeks, they will be removing the messaging functionality from their primary Facebook application on numerous mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

A Facebook spokesperson told Recode, “We’ve found that people get replies 20 percent faster on Messenger than on Facebook,” and wants to push those who rely on Facebook’s messaging service over to what they consider to be a better experience. This also means that Facebook will likely have no just one, but two main spots on your smartphone’s home screen – one app to check out your News Feed, and one to cut with your friends.

The changes should be rolling out to users in both Europe and the United States within just a couple of weeks. No word yet on whether or not this will effect users of Facebook’s “Paper” mobile application on iOS, which also contains both the News Feed and messaging. However we have contacted Facebook for more information and will report back as soon as we know more.

Source: Recode

Taking advantage of data plans

Facebook free mobile calls now available in US

Just a couple of weeks ago Facebook launched a new version of their highly popular Messenger application for iOS and Android to include Skype-like VoIP calling to other Messenger users on the two platforms. The one issue with the new software when it launched? It had yet to be launched in the United States.

Well, that’s one issue that Facebook just resolved – the new free VoIP features on Facebook Messenger is now available to all mobile users in the United States. It’s totally free when used to call all other users of the application, and like other VoIP services, it uses your data plan to make calls rather than your allotment of minutes.

As noted when this first launched a couple of weeks ago, this marks a serious strategic shift for Facebook as a company as they move from being a simple social network to being a serious software and services company.

Via: The Verge

Facebook integrates SMS right into Messenger on Android

The new Facebook Messenger app for Android.

Looking for a one stop SMS/IM solution, and are already an avid user of Facebook? The social networking company is hoping this sounds appealing to Android users, as they’ve just released an updated version of their official Messenger app for Android that integrates SMS right into an IM conversation.

How it works is, any user that has their mobile number put into Facebook will be able to send and receive SMS messages through the app when they’re offline, and Facebook IM messages whenever available, similar to how Apple handles iMessage and SMS on iOS.

The update also brings over a brand new UI that borrows heavily from the primary Facebook app, complete with the hidden “drawer” sidebar on the right hand side with the content on the left. The chat UI has also been changed, and now looks rather similar to how texts have looked on a certain mobile platform for quite some time.

The all new Messenger app is available for Android devices now. Facebook says they currently have no plans to bring the new features to iOS devices.

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