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Questions the state of technology in the USA

Michael Moore is really upset about missing The Good Wife


Michael Moore is, as it turns out, a pretty big fan of The Good Wife. That’s why he’s pretty upset about missing last night’s supposedly mind blowing episode (though I’ve never seen the show), which has in turn prompted a rant posted on Facebook that extends from the state of his DVR to questions about the state of all the technology in the United States.

In the post, Michael Moore laments missing 40 minutes of the show “due to the overrun of the NCAA basketball game.” While this might be the end of it for some people, not Mr. Moore. According to him, the DVR system in the United States should work more like that of the the systems in “more advanced countries” than ours, such as “Ireland, the UK, Australia, those Scandinavian ones, etc.” Apparently, in those countries, DVRs are smart enough to record a whole program no matter when (if?) it runs on time or not, as those systems are set to record a program, not a time slot.

Michael Moore then ends his blog post pointing out that China has a bunch of bullet trains – specifically nine – “criss crossing” the country, whereas the United States has a big fat zero, as if this is confirmation that the United States is just super behind the times – both when it comes to the quality of our DVRs, and when it comes to the quality of our trains.

While Mr. Moore might be a little too angry about having the ending of The Good Wife spoiled for him, he’s also kind of got a point – there are many aspects of the United States that are just, well, pretty far behind some other countries. But to call them “more advanced” then us? Might be a bit of a stretch.

Source: Michael Moore (via Facebook)