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Handy for iOS Chromecast owners

Google Play Movies & TV application launches on iOS

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.50.23 PMIf you’re invested in the iOS ecosystem but wish you could have just a smidge more Google Play on your iPhone, you’re in luck – Google has just released their new Google Play Movies & TV application for iOS today, bringing Google’s wide selection of movies and television to iOS devices. The application is obviously handy for those iOS owners with Chromecasts desperately in need of some content – because the built in iOS video player doesn’t support Chromecasting, applications like these are needed to push content to the device on iOS.

Of course, this has pretty limited utility for the rest of us – Apple’s own selection of Movies and television shows available to rent and purchase on iTunes is, if anything, superior to what Google offers on Google Play. And because it’s built right into iOS, it’s a far more compatible and integrated way to view your content, especially if you’ve also got a Mac or an Apple TV.

You can download Google Play Movies & TV for iOS at the source link below.

Source: App Store

Sacrifices the small details for the big picture

Weekend Special: “Jobs” is as perfect as an imperfect movie gets


Just like the man that the movie is immortalizing on film, “Jobs” is imperfect. That’s not to say it’s bad – on the contrary, I quite liked Jobs and considered it a solid step above the sort of chaotic, stupid summer blockbusters we’ve all become accustomed to seeing around this time of the year. It’s witty, it’s smart; it’s intelligent, and it’s extraordinarily well acted. Yet as close as it comes to if not perfection, then excellence, something is missing.

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