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There will be smartwatches galore

What to expect at CES 2015, smartwatches and all

haverzineces2015CES 2015 will be the year of the smartwatch. It will also be the year of the sub-$2000 4K television set, the far-away 8K television set, virtual reality, and driverless cars. It will be the year where smartphones became passé; it will be the year home automation became a legitimate, for real, real thing. Or, maybe, 2015 will be none of those things. Maybe 2015 will be the year of something crazy, something none of us could have possibly expected.

Maybe whatever we get at CES this year will be something so jaw dropping, so amazing, that it will instantly send ripples through the fabric of space time, changing the course of humanity forever. Maybe CES 2015 will bring something quiet, something small, something that slips underneath the radar and we don’t even notice it yet somehow manages to become the next big thing.

Maybe CES 2015 will be none of those things, and maybe it’ll just be another average, expected – albeit boring – trade show with a bunch of things that nobody wants, and things that everybody wants but nobody will get (at least not yet).

Whatever CES 2015 brings, we’ll be right here to deliver the biggest, baddest, and maybe most ridiculous it has to offer. Our CES 2015 coverage begins now.

Interested in taking a walk to ghosts of CES past? Take a gander at our archived CES 2014 portal, or go into the way, way back with our CES 2013 portal.

It's been a busy summer

Status Report: August 2013 Edition

newsstory-haverzineIf you believe in the age old mantra of “no news is good news”, in our case you would be right. The last time I posted a “status report” in March we had just launched Haverzine 1.3, a significant redesign to the site that has served us extraordinarily well. But it’s been a busy summer, and I figured it was time to let you guys in on the happenings of Haverzine behind the scenes over the past five months, and a sneak peak at what’s next.

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