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iOS 7 inspired design, 64-bit enhanced

Apple announces completely rewritten iWork applications for Mac and iOS

On top of announcing new versions of Apple’s iLife suite for both OS X and iOS today, Apple has also announced an entirely rewritten suite of iWork applications for both OS X and iOS. Both come with new designs and are enhanced for 64-bit systems, such as the newest Mac lineup as well as the iPhone 5s.

On the iOS side of things, iWork gains a new iOS 7 inspired user interface. Apple has also made these applications more powerful and convenient to use, bringing a (much requested) toolbar to iWork while using it in portrait mode Рpreviously, the toolbar was only available while using iWork in landscape mode. Keynote gets new, dynamic transitions and effects while Numbers gets new dynamic number crunching and dynamic graphs.

Both iWork for iOS and iWork for Mac are available starting today, entirely free of charge with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device. Presumably, these updates will also be free of charge for existing owners of iWork.

iWork for iCloud has also been updated to include some of these new features and designs. On top of that, iWork for iCloud also gains real-time collaboration functionality akin to what Google has on their Google Docs on Drive software. Despite all of these improvements, the software is still considered to be in beta.

Gaining speed

60 million Windows 8 licenses sold

And in the PC world, Microsoft has dropped a few statistics on how Windows 8 is doing. To date, Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses through retailers and through OEMs. It was unclear if Enterprise/Volume License customers were represented in this number, nonetheless, they are “roughly in line with where [they] would have been with Windows 7.”

Another statistic for you to chew on are the number of apps downloaded through the Windows Store: 100 million apps have been downloaded from the Windows Store. It’s nowhere near Apple’s 40 billion, but is still an impressive number after being on the market for only a couple months.

Via: ZDNet
Source: Blogging Windows