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What to realistically expect at WWDC 2015 tomorrow

New software, new hardware, new SDKs

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"It's been way too long."

Apple announces October 16th Special Event

Graphics card failures, angry customers, and a class action lawsuit

I’m part of the #mbp2011 club – MacBook Pro models sold in 2011 are dropping like flies

Except for that non-Retina one. That's still old and busted.

Apple updates their MacBook Pro lineup with better prices, faster product

Ohh, translucency

Apple posts OS X Yosemite design video

The hype has begun

Apple transforms Moscone West for WWDC14

Here's what's (probably) coming, not what's not

What to realistically expect at Apple’s WWDC 2014 event next Monday

Promises "exciting announcements"

Apple to stream WWDC 2014 Keynote