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LG’s curved phone making its way to Sprint for $299

lg_g_flex_2Perhaps you’ve seen LG’s new G Flex phone, one of the very first curved smartphones. Perhaps you’d like a curved 6-inch monster of a phone? AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have all signed on to sell the device, but only Sprint has released pricing info and a release date for their version of the G Flex. If Sprint is your carrier then you can get a G Flex for $299 come January 31st.

But what if you want to throw your money at Sprint now and build up anticipation and excitement for the phone? That’s possible too as Sprint is taking pre-orders for the device. They’ll even throw in a free windowed cover (“A $59.99 value”) when you pre-order.

Source: Sprint (BusinessWire)
Via: The Verge

Through the previously mentioned developer preview program

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 now available to download

wp_ss_20131014_0001As mentioned before, Microsoft is opening the gates on Windows Phone to let third party developers and enthusiasts gain access to the next version of Windows Phone before everyone else gets it, similar to how their current Windows beta programs work. The app you need to install to gain access to future versions of Windows Phone has just gone live on the Windows Store and again, you must have a Windows Phone Store developer subscription or a developer unlock on your phone to use it. The app simply changes a few flags and it lets you download and install GDR3 through the regular phone update control panel as seen above.

GDR3 brings along a rotation lock and some multitasking improvements among other things. I’m currently installing GDR3 on my Lumia and will report back any findings if they’re significant enough. One thing to note is that if you do install this on your own phone, you’ll probably void your warranty and there is no downgrade path back to GDR2.

Source: Windows Phone Marketplace
Via: The Verge

Through the Windows Phone Developer Preview Program

Microsoft finally allows developers to have Windows Phone pre-releases

windows phone 8 lumiaTrying to keep up with more successful mobile platforms, Microsoft has finally relented and for the first time will be letting third-party developers access to pre-release builds of Windows Phone through a new program called the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program.

Getting access to these pre-release builds is very easy. Starting later today, all you have to do to gain access to the pre-release builds is either be a registered Windows Phone developer or have your phone developer unlocked, the latter of which Microsoft is letting people do for free (or they were when I unlocked my phone a while back). One important note is that if you do decide to be adventurous and install these pre-release builds, there is no path back to something stable.

Source: Windows Blog

Fresh from //BUILD/

First Look: Windows 8.1 Preview

win81preview-iconWe’ve been following the leaked Windows 8.1 builds for some time now, but now we finally have a chance to play with the official Windows 8.1 Preview. It was released at Microsoft’s //BUILD/ conference today, and is available as an update to Windows 8 or Windows RT owners through the Windows Store. Of course, a couple days ago the Windows Server 2012 R2 images were posted to MSDN and TechNet ahead of //BUILD/, so we got a sneak preview of what’s coming to Windows 8.1 through that route too.

Anyway, we’ve played with both. Now it’s time to see what all is coming to Windows 8.1, so check after the break.

Company launches new Windows 8.1 site

Microsoft prepares to right its wrongs with Windows 8.1

Windows-8-Logo1Microsoft has begun the lofty process of launching Windows 8.1 recently, with a free Public Preview (beta) build currently set to launch on June 26th and a final release tentatively scheduled for this holiday season. For those who aren’t aware, Windows 8.1 is an upcoming free significant update to Windows 8 that addresses some issues and concerns customers have had with Windows 8 thus far, least of all being the removal (and now restoration) of the Start Button, the ability to completely skip over the Start Screen and directly into the “Classic” desktop, and personalization limitations of the Start Screen.

As we inch closer and closer to a release, Microsoft has today launched their official Windows 8.1 Enterprise website, outlining some of Windows 8.1’s enterprise capabilities and feature set. At the moment, the site currently briefly outlines a new “enhanced user experience”, “Apps for your business”, security capabilities, and support for BYOD scenarios.

We’ll be sure to have a complete review of Windows 8.1’s Public Preview build as soon as we’ve had some time to shake a stick at it, so keep a lookout for that in the weeks ahead!

Source: Microsoft

6.3.9369 in the wild

Another Windows Blue pre-release leaks

winblueEarlier today we reported on a rumour about Blue bringing back the Start button. And now, we have another leak on our hands: Build 9369.

Build 9369 is only five builds newer than the earlier leak, 9364 and was only compiled 9 days after 9364, dating the new leak at March 24th, 2013. As such, it’s likely nothing new will be in this build especially since this build and the earlier one both leaked from fbl_partner_outXX labs. However, the major difference between the two leaks is that this new one is 64-bit.

We at Haverzine are currently downloading this build and will check it out as soon as we can. In the meantime, check after the break for a couple of screenshots provided by

Update 04/17 @ 7:25 PM EST: if you’re interested in checking out what’s new in this newly leaked build, check out our latest blog post outlining some changes and improvements.

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