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Dark, beautiful, and available now

Spotify grows up, redesigns on the Web, Mobile, and Desktop

Spotify, the free music streaming library that we all know and (mostly) love, is now rolling out a huge redesign that effects its entire portfolio of products, including Spotify on the Web, Spotify for Mobile, and the desktop Spotify client. The new design, which is the first major redesign since the service initially launched in 2008, is both familiar and entirely new.


Spotify has really emphasized the imagery of the music industry in this update, removing plenty of white space in order to make album artwork the real star of the show. Artwork is prominently displayed in big, beautiful blocks of icons, while the design uses a new dark underlying design to really put emphasis on the artwork and make it “pop”. Whereas the old version of Spotify relied on columns of text to get context on whatever it was the user was looking for, now the new design really makes that a visual experience, something that should make finding just the right song a whole lot easier.


The new Spotify design also fits right in with Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, iOS 7, making use of transparency, blurring effects, and minimal, white buttons for playback controls and symbolism. The design is arguably most beautiful here, on Apples platform (seen above), because of how well it really fits in – Spotify now feels almost integrated into the inherent design of iOS, rather than an exception to the rule – and the result is quite stunning. Apple could really learn a lesson or two here from Spotify on any potential iTunes redesign.

The new Spotify design should be now available for your Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and on the Web. No word yet on whether or not other platforms, such as Linux, will be seeing an update.

Flat is the name of the game

Instagram releases new update, new iOS 7 inspired design in tow


It’s been nearly a week, but Instagram has finally (I hope you caught the sarcasm in that) released their new iOS update, which brings along a new, flatter user interface inspired by iOS 7. As you’d expect, the third dimension has been completely erased – drop shadows and textures are out, flat colors and circular profile pictures are in.

The new Instagram does have one tangible benefit, however – Instagram has actually changed the dimensions of processed photos, uploading a clearer, higher resolution version of your photos onto Instagram’s servers. To show off this change, Instagram has made images appear edge to edge within the application, so you can see more of your photo right off the bat.

The new Instagram for iOS 7 update is available now, so head over to the App Store and get your hands on your update now.

Source: App Store

Beautiful, flat, colorful

Foursquare releases updated iOS app with all new design for iOS 7


Foursquare has today released their updated iOS application, which brings bug fixes, enhancements, and most notably an all new design for iOS 7 users. The new design, which is roughly in line with what we expected third party applications to look like, is beautiful, flat, and colorful.

The user experience remains mostly the same as previous versions of Foursquare, with everything functioning more or less exactly as any user of the previous version of Foursquare would expect, though everything’s been given a fresh coat of paint. Foursquare for iOS also marks one of the first applications to feature both an iOS 6 “classic” user interface for those who either won’t or can’t upgrade to iOS 7 while also simultaneously giving iOS 7 access to a totally redesigned user interface.

Foursquare for iOS 7 is now available on the App Store and is a free update for all Foursquare users. It supports iOS 7 as well as previous versions of iOS, including iOS 6.

Source: App Store

Out with the darkness, in with the light

Google redesigns Play Store app on Android

Play Books Home - TabletI remember it like it was just yesterday – Google’s big Play Store unveiling, complete with the radical new dark, edgy design we’ve all become accustomed to over the past couple of years. This was actually over a year ago now, in March of 2012, and Google isn’t standing still – today Google unveiled a radically redesigned Play Store app on Android, opting out of that fanciful dark interface for an elegant, clean, bright color scheme and based around cards, actually rather similar to Apple’s iOS 6 App Store redesign.

The new Google Play update should be appearing on most Android devices running Android 2.2 and later, though given the fragmented nature of Android it could take some time for the change to become really all encompassing. Or, if you’re a bit on the techie side, you could head over here and force the app to update whenever your little heart desires – but you didn’t hear that from me.

Source: Google / AndroidPolice

Is Timeline about to get a redesign?

Facebook testing redesigned profile pages

Some users have begun noticing that Facebook is up to their old tricks again, testing out what appears to be a significantly redesigned timeline profile page for users. It’s unclear how far reaching this design test is, and if Facebook is considering rolling it out to a broader audience – Facebook and other sites have been known to test out changes to small portions of a userbase before rolling it out across the entire site, and they have also been known to end the test without any changes ever occurring – it’s hard to know until Facebook announces the redesign officially.

The redesigned Timeline eschewed the often criticized dual column view of the Timeline today, something that I’d be willing to wager more than a few people would be happy to see go away. This would allow people to more easily scan a profile page without constantly moving your eyes to the left and to the right.

You can checkout a screenshot of the new, redesigned profile page above.

Via: TheNextWeb (photo credit TheNextWeb)