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Bigger than better?

A slightly belated iPhone 6 Plus review


The iPhone 6 Plus is a jumbo, comically huge smartphone. If Apple’s product portfolio were a clown outfit, the iPhone 6 Plus would be the bright red, obnoxious oversized shoes. It doesn’t fit in some front pockets, it sticks out of nearly everyone’s back pockets, and people will notice it and it will illicit reactions, at least while it’s still new and kind of foreign looking.

In fact, I would say that the iPhone 6 Plus is larger than I expected. I’m even one of those guys who went ahead and made scale paper cutouts of each size iPhone 6. It’s certainly a larger smartphone than I ever expected to own, and the size did come as a bit of a shock at first. But once you get past the sheer largeness of the 6 Plus, you can begin to evaluate it on better merits- ones not impeded by the initial “oh my God this is ridiculously large”. After a couple of weeks with the iPhone 6 Plus, I think I have enough familiarity to say some things with certainty. This is the official Haverzine iPhone 6 Plus review.

Read more to hear my take on Apple’s ginormous, huge iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally bringing Windows Phone up to par

Review: Windows Phone 8.1

win81In the Microsoft camp, much excitement has been created over Windows Phone 8.1 and for good reason. Many improvements have been made to Windows Phone including adding new features that have been missing since the very beginning. These new features also help give Windows Phone a fighting chance against its iOS and Android competition.

So let’s find out just what it is that’s got the Microsoft guys so excited. The review, as always, starts after the break.

The end game

CES 2014: In Review


It’s Friday. The liveblogs are ending; the major announcements wrapped up, the wacky finds fewer and further between. CES 2014 has finally come to an end, and this was our second year covering the event, finding the most important, most influential, or just plain most crazy announcements of the week. It was also our biggest year covering the event, with thousands of readers visiting the site to check out the best of what CES has to offer.

It was a pretty crazy week. Let’s revisit it. Click through after the break to read more.

Here's what's on the table

First Look: Windows 8.1

win81Today is the day; Windows 8.1 is officially available to the world. We’ve covered the leaks and the Milestone Preview in an earlier First Look and now we get to see the final build that everyone will be using until Windows 8.2 comes out. Given that Microsoft is on a rapid-release schedule now, what we covered earlier for Windows 8.1 Preview is pretty much the same. Still, there are a few notable changes that we’ll go into detail here on this First Look for Windows 8.1 RTM.

Article continues after the break.

Yeah, it's nice

First Look: Windows Phone 8 GDR3

wp_ss_20131014_0012eWe’ve seen Windows Phone 8 GDR3 already through low-res pictures or highly JPEG compressed pictures. Since Microsoft is letting third parties in on GDR3, here’s a proper first look at what’s coming to the table. One thing to note is that this is an incomplete first look. The Lumia 1520 with its 1080p screen isn’t out yet, so I can’t judge how well the new three-column Start Screen works and there are no Windows Phones out there with Qualcomm’s quad-core CPU at this time so I can’t judge performance. Not even Nokia’s Bittersweet Shimmer update is out yet so I can’t even take a look at that. What I can look at is what’s been given to me from the halls of Redmond. So let’s get started after the break.

A new beginning, yet rooted in the past

iOS 7 Review


When Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce the next generation in iOS at WWDC this summer, I was nervous. Rumors had been swirling for months – quite literally months, if not a year – that Apple was working on the biggest change to hit the iPhone since its inception. iOS 7 would be new, the rumors said – gone would be the skeuomorphism that infested modern incarnations of Apple’s software; the wooden bookshelves, the fine Corinthian leather, the drop shadows – and in would come the flat user interface, the heavy use of whites, the loss of virtual “depth”.

But from the second Tim Cook played that Jony Ive video that accompanies the announcement of any major Apple product these days to introduce iOS 7, I was taken aback. It was an odd feeling – even though we knew almost exactly what Apple was going to be introducing with iOS 7, it was clear that none of the rumors had prepared me for what Apple was actually unveiling.

Read more to check out our full review of iOS 7. You won’t want to miss this.

Probably not a lot

What’s new in Windows 8.1 build 9477?

win81_9477Yesterday, a Chinese version of Windows 8.1 build 9477 leaked. Shortly after, an English and Russian version leaked, but those versions are horrid hackjobs of the Chinese version as most Metro-style apps don’t work. Nonetheless, that is the version I downloaded as I don’t speak Chinese.

Now, there are a few differences between this build and the previous leak, build 9471, so let’s go through as many of them as I can – as mentioned before, a lot of Metro stuff doesn’t work right since the English/Russian version is a terrible hackjob of the Chinese leak. As usual, everything will be after the break.

Shaping up for the RTM

What’s new in Windows 8.1 build 9471?

9471-desktopWell, Windows 8.1 build 9471 leaked last night. It is a 64-bit pre-RTM build that we presume was released to testers like its newer cousin, build 9477. Although not a lot has changed, there’s still some new things out there so we’ll get started after the break.

Hey, it's April Fools!

IBM returns to the PC market

100_8027If you were old enough to remember 2006, you would have remembered the time when IBM sold its entire PC division over to Lenovo. To this day, Lenovo owns all the rights to their desktop lines and the ThinkPad lines. Today, that changes – IBM is returning to the PC market. And we have a glimpse into the future of IBM PCs, as we at Haverzine have managed to get one of the new prototype units.

The new range, codenamed “Personal System/2” is a line of desktops and all-in-ones designed to be some of the highest-performing PCs out there. What we have appears to be a very early prototype unit of the all-in-one system, so there’s plenty of room for design improvement which will be useful as the lines gets closer to shipping.

Enough rambling; let’s start tearing this thing open. Check after the break if you’d like to see more of this new PC.

Is this email evolved, or an evolutionary dead end?

Mailbox for iPhone review

As I sat down on the bench next to the building where today’s important meeting would be held, I grumbled as I checked the time on my phone. I would have a long fifteen minutes to wait before I had to walk inside and make an appearance, and I wasn’t too keen on waiting around idly. I should have counted my lucky stars, of course – I was terribly close to missing this meeting altogether, an unfortunate consequence of my terrible memory that resulted in my forgetting about this meeting entirely just moments before. Luckily I had Mailbox, the brand new inbox management application for iPhones, set to remind me of this meeting half an hour before it began.

Click here or “Read More” above to read our full Mailbox for iPhone review.

It's all over

CES 2013 in review

It’s Monday, and that means CES 2013 is now over. In amongst all the boring Android phones and refrigerators came some really exiting upcoming technology, as well as a few… weird things.

Let’s summarize the week’s worth of tech into one post. It’s been a wild ride; check after the break to re-ride the CES roller coaster.