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Please, show some respect

Teenager posts selfies with cadaver on Instagram, school is not amused

screen-shot-2014-02-05-at-9-06-30-amOk, we get it, when the mood strikes everyone enjoys taking a good selfie every once and a while. But please, lets remember that this is the twenty-first century and that there are these things called ruled of etiquette. And I don’t have the official etiquette rule book on me, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s probably in pretty bad taste to take a selfie of yourself with an educational cadaver (re: dead body) and post it on Instagram.

Yet that’s exactly what happened yesterday as a high school student somewhere in Alabama visited a biology lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a field trip. Among seeing the cadaver, the unnamed student proceeded to snap a photo (complete with a silly face!) with the body and sent it up to Instagram. The photo has since been removed, but as we well know nothing truly leaves the internet, so of course a copy of the photo managed to leak around the web.

In a comment made by the school, the girl’s actions will be “reviewed’ to assure such an incident, which they assures us is “very disappointing”, never happens again.

Source: BetaBeat

A little extreme, eh Russia?

Russia doesn’t want journalists to Instagram the 2014 Winter Olympics

sochi-2014-logoHere’s an interesting one – according to Vasily Konov, head of Russia’s state-run R-Sport news agency, Russia will be banning accredited journalists from snapping and publishing photos of the Winter Olympic games on the popular social media site Instagram or other popular social networks. What’s more, if officials catch you even just recording any part of the games with your cell phone or tablet for just personal use, and not for wider consumption, that too is grounds for dismissal from the property.

These restrictions are reportedly only in place for journalists, so the casual Olympic game spectator will be able to Instagram until their hearts’ content, but still. This seems like an extraordinarily silly and backwards policy that, especially during a competition that’s supposed to signify worldly unity and togetherness, has absolutely no place in an event sponsored by a nation in 2013. Shame on you, Russia.

Via: The Verge
Source: Svboda