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Our little site turns one year old

Happy Birthday, Haverzine!


One year ago today, Haverzine opened its doors to the wild west of tech news. We had no rules, we had no expectations, and we had no clear destination. While every day our little site continues to operate is another step in a journey, it can not be understated how much this site has grown, developed, and matured over the course of just 364 days – and a huge part of that is thanks to you.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank our readers for making our humble site worth updating and developing, day after day. I’ve talked to many readers personally over the year, have taken each and every one of your suggestions to heart, and took solace in both the positive and the negative. We’re not done yet – there’s so, so much left to be done. This first year hasn’t even been the first step in that amazing journey, but the first inch. We continue to work on some important upcoming projects, such as the previously announced Haverzine Mobile and our upcoming opinion section. On top of those, work has also begun for Haverzine 1.4, which I’ve taken to calling our “Newsworthy” update. (Have fun deciphering the meaning behind that!)

Finally, I would just like to pay my respects to the city of Boston. I’ve lived not half an hour away from that amazing city all my life, and was truly saddened to hear of the horrible events that took place yesterday. Please join us at Haverzine in keeping those affected by this senseless act of violence in your thoughts. I know first hand that Boston is an amazing city that will come through this stronger then ever.

Thank you all again so much for your support,