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No, it's not Poke. Poke was bad.

Facebook takes on Snapchat with their new app, Slingshot

Screenshot of Facebook's Slingshot.

Facebook has already tried to take on the behemoth that has become Snapchat over the last year or so with an application they called “Poke”, but the app never quite measured up. Today the company is back with a spritely new app that they’re calling Slingshot.

The concept is the same – take a photo or a video, edit it with some fun affects or custom drawing, and send it off to all your friends. Just like Snapchat, photos aren’t permanent, and the twist here is you can only unlock a shot after you agree to “Sling something back.” Because if not, this would just be called Snapchat, right?

Slingshot is available now exclusively on the App Store, which you can get to at the source link below. It’s also been developed by the same team that put together the company’s other newest application, Paper, which is absolutely excellent – so this just might be worth checking out.

Edit 05/09/14 @ 5:41 PM EDT: Whoops, looks like Facebook has jumped the gun – the company has confirmed that the application was published onto the App Store in error and that it will be launching “soon” – just not today soon. Sorry about that!

Source: App Store