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No, it's not Poke. Poke was bad.

Facebook takes on Snapchat with their new app, Slingshot

Screenshot of Facebook's Slingshot.

Facebook has already tried to take on the behemoth that has become Snapchat over the last year or so with an application they called “Poke”, but the app never quite measured up. Today the company is back with a spritely new app that they’re calling Slingshot.

The concept is the same – take a photo or a video, edit it with some fun affects or custom drawing, and send it off to all your friends. Just like Snapchat, photos aren’t permanent, and the twist here is you can only unlock a shot after you agree to “Sling something back.” Because if not, this would just be called Snapchat, right?

Slingshot is available now exclusively on the App Store, which you can get to at the source link below. It’s also been developed by the same team that put together the company’s other newest application, Paper, which is absolutely excellent – so this just might be worth checking out.

Edit 05/09/14 @ 5:41 PM EDT: Whoops, looks like Facebook has jumped the gun – the company has confirmed that the application was published onto the App Store in error and that it will be launching “soon” – just not today soon. Sorry about that!

Source: App Store

For people far too addicted to Snapchat

Snapchat announces Snapchat Micro for Galaxy Gear

Are you unnaturally addicted to Snapchat? Me neither, but apparently some people are literally so addicted to Snapchat that they feel the need to literally wear it. That’s what Snapchat is hoping anyways, as the company has just announced Snapchat Micro, a launch application for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.



The premise, as you can see above, is simple – take a picture with your Galaxy Gear’s camera, pick the length of time you want it to show before its gone forever, pick a friend and send it on its way. Essentially this is the full Snapchat experience replicated on a smartwatch, which lets be honest here, isn’t all together too difficult to imagine working.

Via: TechCrunch

Teenagers everywhere go wild

Now you can Snapchat in video with new update

Snapchat has taken the world by form like nothing I’ve seen sin formspring back years ago now – it’s been an overnight hit and an instant sensation, allowing users everywhere to take a photo, scribble on it, add some text, and message it to a friend for an extraordinarily limited viewing time. While I don’t get the compulsion to constantly Snapchat my friends, that doesn’t mean thousands of other people don’t have the urge, and to appease those people Snapchat addicts can now send not only photos to their friends, but also short videos.

Each clip can be up to 10 seconds long, the same time limit that photos have. This will surely add on nicely to the 50 million photos people send via Snapchat every single day, a statistic the company reported just recently.

The Snapchat update with video recording is now available for all iOS users in the App Store.

Via: The Verge
Source: App Store