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Dark, beautiful, and available now

Spotify grows up, redesigns on the Web, Mobile, and Desktop

Spotify, the free music streaming library that we all know and (mostly) love, is now rolling out a huge redesign that effects its entire portfolio of products, including Spotify on the Web, Spotify for Mobile, and the desktop Spotify client. The new design, which is the first major redesign since the service initially launched in 2008, is both familiar and entirely new.


Spotify has really emphasized the imagery of the music industry in this update, removing plenty of white space in order to make album artwork the real star of the show. Artwork is prominently displayed in big, beautiful blocks of icons, while the design uses a new dark underlying design to really put emphasis on the artwork and make it “pop”. Whereas the old version of Spotify relied on columns of text to get context on whatever it was the user was looking for, now the new design really makes that a visual experience, something that should make finding just the right song a whole lot easier.


The new Spotify design also fits right in with Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, iOS 7, making use of transparency, blurring effects, and minimal, white buttons for playback controls and symbolism. The design is arguably most beautiful here, on Apples platform (seen above), because of how well it really fits in – Spotify now feels almost integrated into the inherent design of iOS, rather than an exception to the rule – and the result is quite stunning. Apple could really learn a lesson or two here from Spotify on any potential iTunes redesign.

The new Spotify design should be now available for your Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and on the Web. No word yet on whether or not other platforms, such as Linux, will be seeing an update.

This is exactly what you think it is

Relive the glory days with Spotiamp

spotiampToday is the day. The day that Winamp is officially discontinued and all downloads to it are forever removed. Not all is lost, however. If you’ve paid for Spotify Premium, you can download a little something they’ve released in memory of Winamp called Spotiamp and it is exactly what you think it is: a Winamp-style Spotify player.

As you can see in the side image, Spotiamp looks almost identical to the classic Winamp 2, save for the fact there is a Spotify logo on the main player and all references to Winamp have been changed to Spotiamp. It also brings a few ideas from Winamp besides the UI: it includes a Shoutcast server and it supports all of the old Winamp Milkdrop visualizers. Not only that, but there’s also a portable version of the app which makes it feel even more like the old Winamp. So whatever you do on this day, let’s hear it for Winamp.

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Via: Engadget

At long last!

Spotify to introduce ad-supported free mobile streaming


I’ve been a supporter of Spotify for quite some time now, but one thing that has always caught me a more than a little off guard has been the strange way Spotify has supported mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Essentially, Spotify has long allowed users to stream Pandora-like user generated Radio stations with advertisements from their mobile devices, but for whatever reason they have always stopped short of allowing users to stream their playlists unless they shelled out $10/month for Spotify Premium.

Thankfully, it appears that Spotify has had a change of heart and will soon be allowing users to stream their playlists right from their mobile devices (with advertisements, of course) sans paying for that somewhat pricy Spotify Premium subscription.

All of this comes from a report by the Wall Street Journal, who cites people “familiar with the matter.” Unfortunately there’s no time frame to report on right now regarding a timetable, or even an official word that this is happening at all. However Spotify has been long gone from my iPhone, but if this happens I can honestly say right now that I’ll be one of the first to download it and take advantage of the new program.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Google just released the

Google announces new music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access


Google has just announced a brand new Spotify competitor built into their existing Google Play Music service called Google Play Music All Access (Google really needs to work on their names, don’t they?) All Access essentially acts as a sort of Spotify / Pandora hybrid, allowing users to create radio stations based on their musical tastes, but also allows them to explore genres of music to find specific albums and tunes. You can also search for specific artists, songs, or albums, a la Spotify, and create radio stations built off of those.

Google Play Music All Access will be priced at $9.99/month with a free 30 day trial, and as of right now will support Android and PCs via a web UI.

Source: The Verge

One of the best jukebox apps just got better

Spotify releases redesigned Spotify for iPhone app

Spotify is definitely a crowd favorite among most groups these days, and Spotify has just taken that loyalty to a whole new level with today’s launch of a redesigned Spotify for iPhone application which includes several new user interface conventions and features previously only found in their Android client.

Among the new features includes a brand new sidebar that’s hidden behind the left side of the application, similar to Facebook for iPhone’s current implementation. Swiping to the right reveals the new menu which houses all of the major sections of the application – Playlists, Radio, Search, What’s New, etc. Also new is a brand new “what’s playing” bar on the very bottom of the application, an addition that has been both desperately needed in my own personal opinion and that makes excellent use of the iPhone 5’s additional vertical space.

The new, redesigned Spotify for iPhone is now available as an update on the App Store and supports both the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Source: Spotify

Songs available for streaming only

Spotify disables Download store purchases in parts of Europe

Spotify has just announced a change that has disabled purchases from being made from the application’s Download store from within Europe. The feature, when it worked, allowed users to actually own their music similar to how purchases are made on Apple’s iTunes Store. Spotify notes that anybody who has unused download credits or download compatible gift cards will still be able to purchase tracks from the store like before.

The change reportedly affects Spotify users in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland. It’s an unfortunate change that will push more and more users back to competitors like Apple and Amazon at a time when Spotify needs them most.

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Jam out without ever leaving your browser

Spotify launches Spotify web application

Spotify, one of the largest collections of online and freely streaming music in existence today, has just launched a new Spotify web application. If you’ve ever used Spotify on your iPad, the UI will look pretty similar to you – just load the web player in your browser and you’re greeted with what’s almost a carbon copy of the iPad app’s UI.

The new browser based Spotify seems to work almost exactly like the native applications, down to even the advertisements. Unfortunately, those looking to listen to free, ad supported music on the go seems to continue to be out of luck here – an attempt to load the Spotify web app on both Google Chrome and Safari came up short on my iPad, the page simply redirecting me to the native App Store app.

You can access Spotify Web Player free of charge here!

Source: The Verge

Spotify to stream music for free to iOS users (with ads)

Well here’s a bit of great (albeit interesting) news: popular music streaming service Spotify had been previously free to stream music for users of their desktop client, but mobile users had to dole out for Spotify Premium if they wanted to listen to the service’s massive collection on the go. Well, that’s about to change – if you have an iOS device, that is.

Spotify has announced that they’ll be switching things up and offering their streaming service to free members of the service to all users of their iOS client starting “soon”. The catch is, of course, that you’ll be hearing ads mixed in with all of those free tunes – but hey, that’s a small price to pay for an all-you-can-eat-buffet of free music, right?

“Well, what about me!?” I hear you Android users ask! When asked by Engadget if Android users will be invited to the party any time soon, Spotify has coyly suggested that to be the case, saying “We think it’s core to the mobile experience, and we’re looking to bring it to all of the major platforms in due time.” There was, predictably, no mention of Windows Phone 7.

Via: ArsTechnica
Source: Engadget

Spotify releases updated desktop client

Spotify has today released an update to their popular desktop client for both Windows and Mac OS X bringing some pretty cool new features.

Some of the new features include a new “Start Playlist Radio” feature, which creates a radio channel based off of the songs in your playlist. Another is “Instant Search”, which will show search results in the main window as you hover your mouse cursor over suggestions in the search box.

Next up is embedded music buttons for the web – simply right click on a song, album, or playlist and click “Copy Embed Code“. Then copy and paste the HTML code to anywhere on the web and voila! It’s important to remember however that for this feature to work properly, the user clicking the button needs to have Spotify on their system.

The last new big feature comes in the form of improved social networking support. With a click of the “Share” button, users can now share what they’re listening to to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The new update is available now and should be rolling out to all users shortly.

Source: TheNextWeb

Spotify announces “brand apps”

Spotify has today announced a new series of what they’re calling “brand apps” from major corporations AT&T, McDonalds, Intel, and Reebok. Essentially, these apps seem to be shared playlists with the appropriate branding slapping on. The purpose, according to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, is to make the Spotify brand more “ubiquitous”.

Spotify also announced a major partnership with Coca Cola, which The Verge claims they will be reporting on later today. This partnership is said to include greater application integration than what we’ve seen so far – so stay tuned for that.

Daniel Ek also fielded questions from the audience at today’s event, which resulted at least one major announcement: Spotify will indeed be releasing an official iPad optimized app “soon”.

Source: The Verge