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Haverzine October 2014 Status Report

Welcome to Haverzine

It’s been a while since I’ve drafted a status report, and I think given the current state of both the site as well as our coverage, we’re long overdue for one. A cursory look at our homepage will reveal that we haven’t published stories on a daily basis for quite some time. This is something I’ve long been meaning to address. Frankly, I have no excuses; Haverzine should absolutely be doing a better job of delivering on our mission, which remains unchanged. We want to inform you, no matter you are, of the most important stories in tech.

We haven’t been doing a great job at that lately. Unfortunately, Haverzine is something I do on the side; it generates absolutely no profits for me, and the little revenue we do get from the little advertisement we do have (which is currently suspended due to our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign) has always gone right back into improving Haverzine in various ways, usually through advertising and getting the word out. Since launching Haverzine in April 2012, I’ve worked numerous – and mostly full time – positions, nearly completed undergraduate – and completed a total of two internships. On top of all this, I am now writing a thesis as well completing a third and final internship with full time hours. All of this, of course, applies to Sean Ellis as well, our volunteer writer who graciously donated dozens of hours of time writing incredibly thoughtful pieces for us over the last couple of years. My thanks for having had him around is sincere.

You can see how finding the time for much else is difficult, especially when you add “maintaining a personal life” into the mix.

On January 1st, 2015, many of these hindrances will be gone. I hope to be be starting a new, full-time position at an employer that I hopefully feel comfortable working for; I will have completed my undergraduate degree and taking my first real break from education since 1996, and I will be able to commit more time doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. Or, that’s the plan, anyways. The truth of the matter is I’m at a transition point in my life, and I really no idea what curveballs will be thrown at me, and as such, it’s difficult to say for any degree of certainty what my schedule will look like next week, forget about January.

So all of that said, where does that leave Haverzine? There will be no changes. The site will remain, and I will continue writing as often as I can about as much as I can that I believe is important and relevant to the conversation. This isn’t a promise that I will bring back daily coverage – though I wish it were. This is merely an acknowledgment that situations have – and will continue to – changed, and that I will do do my best to work around those changing situations. For the last 6 months or so I have drawn out detailed plans for what I’ve been calling Haverzine 2.0, plans which I hope to realize someday – and hopefully some day sooner rather than later. I have roadmaps laid out for miles. Those roadmaps have not, and will not, change.

To conclude, I’d like to sincerely thank each and every person who has ever read any of our posts for their time and consideration. When I started Haverzine, I had little experience with writing long form, absolutely no journalism experience, and virtually no experience with publishing and advertising. Haverzine thus far has represented my desire to learn the tools of this trade and my determination to figure things out as I go. I’m committed to keep doing that.