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No, you're not getting Windows 10

Windows RT is dead

surfacefeaturedRemember Microsoft’s Surface RT? It was Microsoft’s own tablet that ran full Windows on an ARM chip, right down to the confusing Metro/Desktop switch. It had Office pre-loaded, but you couldn’t use any other desktop apps with it unless you jailbroke it. And with relatively few quality Metro apps in the store, there was really no incentive to buy a Surface RT over a comparable x86-based tablet.

If you were at or watched Microsoft’s Windows 10 conference yesterday, you may have noticed that not a single utterance of “Windows RT” was heard anywhere. In fact, according to C|NET, Microsoft “devoted only a few seconds to Windows RT, saying during a Q&A with reporters that it is ‘working on an update for Windows RT as well.'” Companies like Asus and Dell who both introduced Windows RT tablets have already gone and killed their products with the remaining holdouts being the Surface RT and the Lumia 2520.

While the Surface Pro lineup will naturally be getting the Windows 10 update, Microsoft only said that there would be a future update that brings some of Windows 10’s functionality to Windows RT. This statement feels eerily similar to how Microsoft mis-handled the Windows 7.5 upgrade path, where Windows Phone 7 handsets would never see an update to Windows Phone 8 but would instead be updated to have some of the same functionality as Windows Phone 8. We’ll be waiting to see what Microsoft has to say later on about Windows RT but for now, it certainly sounds like this is the end.

Source: C|NET

Better hybrid, not a better tablet

Microsoft Surface 2 review roundup


The embargo is lifted, and you know what that means – the technical world is now free to talk about the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 all they want. With that comes our annual flood of reviews coming in all at the same time, and I’ve been going over as many reviews as I can get my eyes on for the past couple of hours to get a good idea of what reviewers seem to think about Microsoft’s new tablets. So now, for your convenience, here are the highlights I’ve come across in my surfing this morning as we look to answer the ultimate question – the original Surfaces were okay, but are these new Surfaces good?

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