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Security at its finest

Samsung’s new fingerprint scanner easily spoofed

glam_galaxy-s5_groupThat fancy fingerprint scanner in your new Samsung Galaxy S5? Turns out, it’s easily spoofed from nothing more than a photograph of your fingerprint.

A German security team, Security Research Labs, was easily able to spoof the system due to the way it’s implemented in other devices which makes it a higher risk. The video, embedded after the break, not only shows the team gaining access to the device by using a fake fingerprint but it also shows them gaining access to PayPal which also supports the new sensor and is just as easily faked out as the rest of the phone.

Interestingly, Ars Technica reports that this spoofing method doesn’t work against Apple’s Touch ID system but does work on the S5. Given that the team acquired the fingerprint simply by taking a photo of a fingerprint left on a screen, it’s very easy to replicate this attack and gain access to everything, especially when you consider just how many smudges are often left on a phone screen.

The video showing off this spoofing attack is embedded after the break.
Source: Ars Technica

Believes it's the "successor" to the password

Surprise, surprise – Android handset manufacturers interested in implementing fingerprint sensors


Passwords are so 2012. That’s why FIDO, a collection of over 45 Android handset manufacturers, including Google, has just announced that they’re dedicating to making fingerprint recognition the “successor to the password” in 2014. FIDO has pparently told the USA Today that they hope to start rolling out smartphones with enhanced fingerprint recognition technology not all that dissimilar from the way Touch ID works in the iPhone 5s, which was released just two weeks ago, within the next six month.

While Apple was far from the first manufacturer to include fingerprint sensing technologies in a consumer market – they’ve appeared in notebook computers for years, after all, and even in the Motorola ATRIX smartphone in 2011 – Apple is often considered the first manufacturer to truly succeed in its implementation. It’s no wonder then that Android manufacturers are interested in adding on the iPhone’s newest talking point to their smartphones as quickly as possible.

Via: The Verge
Source: USA Today