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But will it work?

Microsoft offers $650 towards a Surface Pro 3 to Macbook Air owners

image-left-cyan-hero-e1400563125164As was evident during the Surface Pro 3 launch event, Microsoft really wants you to ditch your Macbook Air for a Surface Pro 3. A new promotion has popped up for Air owners: If you want a Surface Pro 3, Microsoft will give you up to $650 towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 3.

As you’d expect, the trade-in is only good if your Air is in decent working condition with no water damage or a cracked screen. There’s no mention as to which models are eligible for the promotion so it may be that old, first-generation Air from 2007 is just as eligible as a mid-2013 Air – just don’t expect to get a lot for it.

Now the question is, is this just an early promotion or are they already despairing?

Source: ZDNet

The smell of desparation

Microsoft will give you $100 if you “ditch your PS3”

xboxone-featuredMicrosoft is once again trying to convince people to buy the Xbox One. This time, their scheme is simply to offer trade-ins: If you trade in your PlayStation 3, they’ll give you $100 in store credit towards the purchase of an Xbox One which drops the price down to $399, or the same as the PlayStation 4. Don’t have a PS3? The deal is also available to owners of Xbox 360 S and E units – if anyone’s 360 White is still working at this point, you’re being left out.

As with these sorts of trade-in deals, the console must be in fully-working condition with no major cosmetic issues and with all of the original cables and controllers. The catch is that the offer is only valid at physical Microsoft stores of which there are fewer than 100 scattered across the US, and that means if you don’t live near a store then you can just forget about this offer.

Source: Microsoft
Via: The Verge

Only on gift cards

Target will give you $200 for your old iPad

iPad3Got an old iPad kicking around? Especially a first-gen iPad? You’d probably like a little bit of cash for it, right? Target is launching a trade-in program today where you can trade in that old iPad of yours and get a little bit of cash back on it, although in the form of Target gift cards. If you visit any brick-and-mortar store through November 9th, you can get a $200 minimum for any iPad so long as it’s in reasonable condition and simply turns on.

The program also extends to things like iPhones, iPods, other smartphones, DSLRs, etc. so if you have something that fits that category you can trade that in for a little bit of cash. Obviously the newer and better something is, the more money you can get for it. For example, a first-generation 4GB iPhone is worth $5 whereas a brand-new 64GB iPhone 5S is worth $325. Why you would trade a 5S in is beyond me, but it’s just what Target is offering.

Source: Target Trade-in Program
Via: The Verge

If you want to move from the 360 to the One

Quickie: Amazon to offer $10 Xbox trade-in deals

xbox_oneSince the Xbox One has no backwards compatibility with anything the 360 did, many people are going to have to literally throw away their entire library of games and buy them all over again for the One. Amazon feels your pain, so for the low fee of $10, you can trade in any eligible Xbox 360 game for the equal Xbox One version. All you have to do is go to their website and order the Xbox 360 game you want then select an Xbox One title and you’ll pay $10 for the One title when they start shipping. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Source: Amazon
Via: The Verge