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"It's Barack. Really!"

President Obama finally given his own Twitter account

Have you ever wanted to whisper some kind – or, well, otherwise – words directly into the ear of the President of the United States? Well now you can – at least virtually, through Twitter! The White House and President Obama has today officially signed up for Twitter, and has begun tweeting using the sanctioned account @POTUS – as in, President of the United States. At the moment, it appears that all tweets will be personally composed by President Barack Obama himself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.22.05 PM

The real question is what happens to the account following next year’s Presidential Election – will Barack Obama retain control over @POTUS (likely with a username change), or will it move onto our next commander and chief? The anticipation is killing me!

Source: @POTUS (Twitter)

Taking another cue from third party clients

Twitter now lets you mute the nonsense

twitter-bird-light-bgsTwitter has long had a habit of taking cues from third party clients while looking at how to shape their official products – most notably with the hashtags, @-replies, and retweets in the early days of Twitter, and now that trend is exhibiting itself again as Twitter has officially added the ability to mute users.

Essentially, muting does what it sounds like it is – it allows you to automatically hide tweets from users at any given time under different circumstances without unfollowing or blocking them. Now, finally, you can politely ignore your friends’ inane tweets without the need to complicate your relationships with an awkward unfollow.

Muting is now rolling out on the company’s official iOS and Android applications and will hit all users shortly. Time to celebrate by muting all of your annoying friends!

Source: Twitter

Somebody's getting sacked

US Airways posts pornographic image on Twitter, didn’t seem to mind

Things got a little embarrassing for US Airways today after a company representative accidentally posted an… interesting pornographic image on Twitter this morning. What’s worse, the company then proceeded to leave the image up for about an hour while the company happily replied to other Twitter users and went along as though they hadn’t just posted a photo of a naked woman “enjoying” a model airplane. Which is just pretty awful even considering how awful this already was.

The tweet was sent as a reply to a concerned customer. The following is a screenshot of the tweet, which has since been removed, with all the weirdness blurred out for obvious reasons.



US Airways claims that they had “no idea” that the photo was posted on Twitter, and that the company is currently looking into how something so completely bizarre could have been posted and then ignored for an hour. Our guess? Someone’s getting sacked.

Source: BusinessInsider

Coming to all profiles soon

That big Twitter redesign? It’s here.

Remember that big Twitter redesign we uncovered a couple of weeks ago, only to have all news and signs of it wiped off the face of the Earth? Well it’s back, and in a big way – Twitter has not only just announced the Twitter redesign that brings photos in the forefront, but also announced that it’s rolling out the new look to users starting today.


All new users will be signed up with the new look by default starting today, and existing users will get their profiles transferred to the new design within days or weeks. Twitter says the new profile, which has more than just a passing resemblance to Facebook, will make it easier to pick out the best and most engaging tweets, will allow you to pin tweets to the top of the page, and will allow users to filter through different types of tweets based on photos, videos, replies, etc.

So let us know – are you a fan of Twitter’s new direction? Or will you miss the social network’s emphasis on text? How will this translate to mobile? The questions are endless!

Source: Twitter

Twitter improves image integration

Twitter rolls out image tagging and support for embedding multiple images


Twitter has just announced that they have significantly improved support for images on Twitter. While images have always been treated pretty basically on the largely text based social network, the company is now rolling out two pretty significant improvements, currently exclusive to Twitter for Mobile.

First, Twitter users will now be able to tag users in images, a feature found in and often used on Facebook and Instagram. It works pretty much the same – just tap on a photo and type in the user that’s represented in it, who will then have their profile linked to on the image. This is available on both Twitter for iOS and Android starting today.

The next big change is users will now be able to upload and embed up to four images in a single tweet, seemingly by integrating the separate images into a single file uploaded to the server in a sort of collage. At the moment this feature is only available to Twitter for iOS starting today, however it will be brought to Twitter for Android at some point in the future.

The popular social network has long been rumored to be focusing on reframing itself as an image based network, even going so far as pushing out a radically redesigned test version of an image-centric version of the site to a select number of users.

Source: Twitter

Could this be the future of Twitter?

Twitter testing radical new design, puts images at the forefront


Twitter has never been shy of change, and the company appears to be continuing that tradition as evidence that Twitter is testing a radical new design has begun to surface. Interestingly, Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio logged onto his Twitter profile the other day and noticed not a variant of the Twitter design we’ve all come to know and kind of love – but rather a completely, totally different experience that looks more like a Frankenstein’s Monster version of a combination of Facebook and Google+.

The new design, which is certainly far from final and appears to be simply in the testing phase, puts a heavy emphasis on a user’s photos whereas the current design puts most of that emphasis on text. Typography across the page has been expanded, and the new design features an almost magazine like view that places your tweets from left to right in rows rather than chronologically from the top of the page to the bottom.

Header images also appear to have been greatly enlarged in the photo, as have profile pictures – while both are relatively minor in the grand scope of the current Twitter design, they’re practically the largest things on the entire page in the new Twitter design. While this sort of new Twitter design appears to try to depart from the current Twitter design in many ways, it does appear to have one very clear benefit – larger text and images would be much easier to navigate on a tablet than the current Twitter design, which doesn’t use space in such a smart way on many tablets today.

No word yet on whether or not the general Twitter population will ever see the new design launched as an actual product, it’s interesting to get an insight into where Twitter thinks it may go next. Maybe try something a little more… Twitter-ish next time, Twitter?

Source: Mashable

We just need Instagram now

Vine comes to Windows Phone (updated)

vinewpAlthough some companies want to see it fail, Windows Phone is certainly moving up in the market with big name apps from iOS and Android moving over to the niche platform. The latest of those is Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video creation tool.

While apps such as 6sec have been available on the platform for some time now, Twitter is throwing their hat in with Vine, which looks similar to the app as seen on iOS and Android. According to the Vine Blog, the app will let you pin your followers right to your home screen, something that Windows Phone is famous for promoting, and also features integration with lenses according to The Verge.

The app is not yet available in the Windows Phone Marketplace but it is coming today.

Update, 12:20 PM Central: Vine for Windows Phone is now in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source: Vine Blog, Windows Phone Marketplace
Via: The Verge

You get a coffee, and you get a coffee

Starbucks introduces Tweet a Coffee, lets you to send $5 eGifts to your friends via Twitter

7b12b01b38e50264c6bc0cf132d6fa69Look, I have a problem. I admit it. I’m a coffee fiend. And now Starbucks is making me love them all the more with their new “Tweet a Coffee” initiative, essentially bringing the sharing and love of coffee to the twenty-first century using none other than Twitter. Tweet a Coffee, which launched just this morning, lets you send $5 eGift cards to your friends and family by linking your official Starbucks account to your Twitter account. Once completed, just type in the Twitter handle of the lucky recipient of your gift of coffee, click send, and within minutes they’ll have a $5 eGift card waiting to be redeemed in the form of a tweet.

I just tried it, and it literally works like magic – within minutes, my $5 gift card was sent to my favorite coffee addict (my mother, of course) who will be undoubtedly getting into her car to buy a caramel iced coffee at her local Starbucks any second now. You’re welcome, Mom – and thanks, Tweet a Coffee. You’re a real pal.

Source: Starbucks

The best joins the rest

Tapbots releases Tweetbot 3 for iOS 7

tweetbot-3-logoBack in the pre-iOS 7 days (as if those days were so far ago), Tweetbot 2 used to be my go-to Twitter client. But when I moved onto using the developer preview versions of iOS 7 over the summer, something changed – I found that, housed inside the flat, stark white box that Apple had built, Tweetbot 2 lost some of its charm. I switched to Twitterrific, and despite dancing with a few other clients here and there, that’s mostly where I’ve remained since about June.

Tapbots must have realized they were quickly becoming behind the curve, and Tweetbot 3 is a clear representation of that. It’s a total 360 for the beloved Twitter client – what was once heavy, robotic, and unique has become flat, stark white, and part of the masses. It’s very much following the design trend Apple has established with iOS 7, doing very little to deviate from the masses or do its own thing. Even the sounds, which were built to sound distinct, have this time been catered towards fitting in with iOS 7.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s still the best Twitter client available today, but now it’s just joined the rest. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it makes Tweetbot usable on iOS 7 again. But everything else we know and love about Tweetbot? It’s still there. And that’s great. But if you’ve already got one of the incredible alternatives – Twitterrific in particular comes to mind – there might be a little less to get excited about this time around.

Tweetbot 3 for iOS 7 is available now on the App Store for $2.99. It’s a great price for a great application. Buy it.

Source: Tapbots

For those who need to know now

Twitter for Windows Phone updated, brings lock screen tweets

twitter-bird-light-bgsIf you’re the type of person who’s absolutely addicted to Twitter (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you) and also happen to have a Windows Phone smartphone, you may be happy with Twitter’s latest update for their often forgotten Twitter for Windows Phone client. This go around, the design has remained mostly the same, with two big notable exceptions – a new dark theme, and lock screen tweets.

The dark theme is exactly what it sounds like – an optional skin that makes Twitter “fit in” with Windows Phone’s built in dark themes, complete with a black background and white text. This is pretty good news for those concerned about the readability of Twitter for Windows Phone in darkly lit rooms as it is, however that’s still leaving the best new feature for last – lock screen tweets.

The way it works is simple – enable lock screen tweets in the settings, and voila, like magic you’ll see your timeline scrolling before your very eyes on your smartphone’s lock screen. This is huge for people like me who want to stay connected with their timeline and be able to know what’s up at a mere glance. Curiously, there’s also a setting called “Customize Lock Screen” in the Twitter app, but that appears to be non-functional at the moment; perhaps a hint of what’s to come?

Source: Windows Store

Twitter's got your back

Twitter launches new Twitter Alerts emergency alert system

Twitter has become synonymous with the dissemination of information, and had quickly become the de facto standard way that a not unlarge portion of our population consume news every single day. Twitter is hoping to take this a whole other level with their new Twitter Alerts system, which will allow users to opt-in to receiving important alerts from important local, national, or global agencies.

FEMA, the World Health Organization, and local police departments are all fair game right now, and organizations must be approved by Twitter before being included in the new Alerts program. Organizations also can be subscribed to despite the user’s location, so if you want to keep up with the going ons in Santa Barbara, CA and you live in Boston, MA that shouldn’t be an issue.

Notifications will show up highlighted in your stream, and mobile applications will be allowed to alert you about important pieces of information using your smartphone or tablet’s notifications system. Twitter Alerts is now available for organizations to be enrolled starting today, with a broad launch expected soon.

Via: The Verge
Source: Twitter

It's about time!

Twitter files for IPO, finally stops beating around the bush

twitter-bird-light-bgsTwitter has finally filed for an Initial Public Offering, according to the a tweet made on the company’s official Twitter account. The exact tweet made was as follows:

“We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale.”

Twitter has been long expected to finally bring the popular social network to the public in an IPO that has generated nearly as much excitement and buzz as Facebook’s big IPO last year. Most recently, Twitter is expected to push through over $583 million in advertising revenue throughout 2013, most of their income coming from in-stream advertising.

Twitter has yet to offer any further explanation or update on the IPO beyond the single tweet, however we have a feeling this is the start of a very long, exciting journey.

Source: Twitter