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HTC confirms continued development on wearable

htc-logoYou may have heard of these cool new things called smartwatches, with them being all the rage these days and everything. It seems like everybody and their mom is trying to get a smartwatch out in the market these days, a task that has been made monumentally easier now that Google is supplying the software to every hardware manufacturer with their still fairly new Android Wear platform. But one company has remained relatively quiet on the smartwatch front; HTC, the folks behind the upcoming Nexus 9 and the excellent HTC One M8, has still yet to release any sort of wearable device at all. There were some rumors that HTC had been working on a wearable that should have shipped by now, but we’ve not heard much on that front in a long while.

This has lead to rampant speculation that, in another blow to the struggling company, HTC has abandoned plans to release a smartwatch at all – but HTC says not so fast. In a statement provided to Re/code, an HTC spokesperson has confirmed that the company is indeed actively working on a device, which is nearing completing but has been internally delated so as to give it a bit more time in the oven.

There’s still very little we know for sure on the state of HTC’s new wearable, but the company hasn’t had a good track record with anything but smartphones in the past. Just as tablet mania began in earnest in 2011, HTC launched their first – and to date, only – tablet, the Flyer, to just awful reviews and abysmal sales. Consumer reaction to the Flyer was so bad that the company actually scrapped all plans for future tablets at the time, which is part of what makes their now confirmed upcoming smartwatch all the more exciting.

Source: Re/code

Smarter appliances for complicated lives

Forget Smart TVs, 2014 will be the year of smart wearables

In 2014, the technology industry will begin trying to make everything around you smarter. Smarter phones, smarter televisions, smarter cars; but let’s all be honest here, the single thing that will truly become dramatically smarter this year will be our wearables. And these devices won’t only become smarter, but they’ll also become meaningfully smarter.

The trend began in earnest last year, and 2014 will simply take this trend to its fullest potential. Don’t believe me? Take the Pebble, perhaps the only smartwatch to make a meaningful impact on the industry in the last year. 2013 gave us the original Pebble – a quality device that proves it should exist with a huge amount of potential, but with a few downsides. 2014 has already given us the new Pebble Steel – a smarter, faster, more beautiful version of last year’s device. If 2013 gave us the smartwatch, 2014 has already given us the smartwatch… polished. And all of this is forgoing even mentioning the fact that 2013 has brought us the Google Glass.

Smart wearables, such as smartwatches, are already on an extraordinarily track as smartphones were in the last decade and MP3 players before that. Early adopters have already eaten up the likes of the Pebble smartwatch and the Fitbit fitness tracker – they’ve already proven their value and usefulness, and now they just need to become polished enough to appeal to the average consumer. It also helps, of course, that Apple will almost definitely be announcing their own smartwatch (the “iWatch”, if you will) this year, and you can be damn sure that Apple won’t release this unless they know that it’s both useful enough and polished enough to appeal to not just the early adopters, but also the general public.

2014 will be a big year for so many different parts of the technology industry, and so many new pieces of tech will begin to impact our lives in meaningful ways. Your life is complicated, and your appliances are becoming smarter than ever.