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Ok, maybe stylish is a matter of taste

Fitbit brings stylish fitness tracking to Windows Phone


Fitness tracking has long been considering a huge up and coming business in the tech space, with the sheer number of fitness tracking wearable devices probably more than doubling in just the last year or so. But each and every fitness tracker – and there has been a lot of them, at this point – has had one single thing in common: none of them have worked on Microsoft’s platforms. Got a Windows Phone? Tough luck. How about a Windows RT tablet? Nope. So what’s a fitness fanatic with a love for Windows ecosystems to do? Fitbit, one of the leading manufacturers of tracking devices, has finally got you covered as the company has just brought over their Fitbit application to Windows Phone 8.

Fans of Fitbit with other platforms should be right at home here; Fitbit for Windows Phone looks and feels almost exactly like Fitbit running on either iOS or Android. Sure, it’s got a bit of a “modern” flair to it – that weird Windows Phone navbar at the bottom of the application, solid colors with no gradients and really simple typography, but really at the end of the day there’s nothing of any surprise to be seen here.

Also similar to the company’s Fitbit client for iOS and Android, there’s a limited subset of devices that application currently supports due to the requirement of Bluetooth LE both in the hardware and in the phone’s firmware. As of right now 17 existing smartphones are supported, and you’ll need to make sure your device is upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 (the newest version) to get access to all the goodies Fitbit has to offer.

Fitbit for Windows Phone is available on the Windows Store starting today, so if you’re excited to start wearing a computer-like-thing on your risk capable of tracking your every move, hit it up back in the source link. I won’t blame you.

Via: The Verge
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The prodigal child arrives

Instagram launching official Windows Phone client today


Finally. I think that this is one of the few times in the tech sphere we can say the word with an entirely straight face, because it’s true – finally, at long last, Windows Phone users twill get to experience the photo sharing social network “masterpiece” (well, depending on who you ask) that is… Instagram. Its absence the posterchild for the lacking Windows Phone app ecosystem, the launch of Instagram for Windows Phone culminates an almost three year long wait.

Instagram for Windows Phone is said to include support for everything you’d come to expect from the iOS and Android versions of the app – the same filters, the same hashtag searching functionality, the same social stream, social network sharing – it’s all there… except for one big omission. Unfortunately, Instagram for Windows Phone is launching without video support today, so you won’t be able to record video of the way the clouds move this morning and slap that filter on there. The time for that cloud video is approaching, however, as the Instagram team is promising that a future update will restore video functionality.

So, Windows Phone users – how excited are you? Instagram. It’s a big name. It’s a big app. And it’s finally hitting your smartphone. Excited?

Edit 11/20/2013 @ 1:14 PM EST: Unfortunately, there does appear to be one rather… glaring admission that hasn’t been getting much press; you won’t be able to take a photo from within Instagram, you’ll need to head over to your phone’s camera app, snap it there, and then import that from Instagram to get the job done. Not a deal breaker, but certainly not ideal.

Source: The Verge

For those who need to know now

Twitter for Windows Phone updated, brings lock screen tweets

twitter-bird-light-bgsIf you’re the type of person who’s absolutely addicted to Twitter (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you) and also happen to have a Windows Phone smartphone, you may be happy with Twitter’s latest update for their often forgotten Twitter for Windows Phone client. This go around, the design has remained mostly the same, with two big notable exceptions – a new dark theme, and lock screen tweets.

The dark theme is exactly what it sounds like – an optional skin that makes Twitter “fit in” with Windows Phone’s built in dark themes, complete with a black background and white text. This is pretty good news for those concerned about the readability of Twitter for Windows Phone in darkly lit rooms as it is, however that’s still leaving the best new feature for last – lock screen tweets.

The way it works is simple – enable lock screen tweets in the settings, and voila, like magic you’ll see your timeline scrolling before your very eyes on your smartphone’s lock screen. This is huge for people like me who want to stay connected with their timeline and be able to know what’s up at a mere glance. Curiously, there’s also a setting called “Customize Lock Screen” in the Twitter app, but that appears to be non-functional at the moment; perhaps a hint of what’s to come?

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