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No, you're not getting Windows 10

Windows RT is dead

surfacefeaturedRemember Microsoft’s Surface RT? It was Microsoft’s own tablet that ran full Windows on an ARM chip, right down to the confusing Metro/Desktop switch. It had Office pre-loaded, but you couldn’t use any other desktop apps with it unless you jailbroke it. And with relatively few quality Metro apps in the store, there was really no incentive to buy a Surface RT over a comparable x86-based tablet.

If you were at or watched Microsoft’s Windows 10 conference yesterday, you may have noticed that not a single utterance of “Windows RT” was heard anywhere. In fact, according to C|NET, Microsoft “devoted only a few seconds to Windows RT, saying during a Q&A with reporters that it is ‘working on an update for Windows RT as well.'” Companies like Asus and Dell who both introduced Windows RT tablets have already gone and killed their products with the remaining holdouts being the Surface RT and the Lumia 2520.

While the Surface Pro lineup will naturally be getting the Windows 10 update, Microsoft only said that there would be a future update that brings some of Windows 10’s functionality to Windows RT. This statement feels eerily similar to how Microsoft mis-handled the Windows 7.5 upgrade path, where Windows Phone 7 handsets would never see an update to Windows Phone 8 but would instead be updated to have some of the same functionality as Windows Phone 8. We’ll be waiting to see what Microsoft has to say later on about Windows RT but for now, it certainly sounds like this is the end.

Source: C|NET

Well its about time

Microsoft to finally fix bug blocking upgrade to Windows 8.1


If your computer is one of the many affected by the bug that blocks its copy of Windows 8 from being upgraded to Windows 8.1, there’s good news on the horizon. Microsoft is finally taking pity on your computer’s soul and has decided to fix that, allowing previously (and randomly) un-upgradeable copies of Windows 8 from being upgraded to Windows 8.1.

The bug, which affected computers and tablets running both Windows 8 as well as the original version of Windows RT, affects only a small number of computers – so chances are, if you haven’t upgraded yet, you’ll be able to do that now just fine. But if not, keep an eye out for the fix due any day now.

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...on a two-year contract

Nokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet comes to AT&T for $399

lumia2520-featuredNokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet is launching next week on November 22nd – the same date as the Xbox One launch and the Lumia 1520 release – and will be showing up first on AT&T for the cost of $399 on the usual two-year contract. Interestingly, there’s still been no word on when the 2520 would be coming to Verizon.

The 2520 is Nokia’s attempt at a Windows RT tablet and features an 8,000mAh battery, LTE and a 1080p screen amongst other things, thus giving the Microsoft Surface RT a run for its money. It does, however, only come in a meager 32GB option; you’ll be hard-pressed for space with this tablet.

Source: Nokia
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The Surface's close cousin

Nokia announces the Lumia 2520 tablet


As expected, Nokia finally took the wraps off their long awaited answer to the tablet market, a 10.1″ Windows RT tablet dubbed the Lumia 2520. As you might expect from the name, the Nokia Lumia 2520 aesthetically has more in common with the company’s semi-successful (well, at least as far as Windows devices go these days) Lumia smartphone line than many of us had originally expected. Featuring a beautiful, colorful plastic back that comes in stark contrast with Microsoft’s Surface gunmetal finishes, the new Lumia tablet manages to look playful, if not beautiful.

Specifications wise, the Lumia 2520 is as much a Surface 2 as all previous OEM Windows RT devices were original Surfaces. We’ve got a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor which should serve roughly as admirably as the Tegra 4 Microsoft uses in their own tablet, a 1920×1080 HD 10.1″ capacitive touch display, Windows RT 8.1 based on Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 operating system, the usual array of standard Windows buttons on the tablet itself, a front facing and rear facing camera, and that’s about it. While the tablet undoubtedly looks attractive, its relatively disappointing to see that Nokia didn’t try to push the envelope a bit more, so to speak.

Nokia is tight lipped as to when we should see the Lumia 2520 hit store shelves, however considering its potential sale to Microsoft we assume Nokia would like to get this thing out the door sooner rather than later. Pricing has yet to be unveiled, though I wouldn’t imagine that this would cost all too much more than Microsoft’s own Surface 2 at $449.

Source: The Verge

Better hybrid, not a better tablet

Microsoft Surface 2 review roundup


The embargo is lifted, and you know what that means – the technical world is now free to talk about the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 all they want. With that comes our annual flood of reviews coming in all at the same time, and I’ve been going over as many reviews as I can get my eyes on for the past couple of hours to get a good idea of what reviewers seem to think about Microsoft’s new tablets. So now, for your convenience, here are the highlights I’ve come across in my surfing this morning as we look to answer the ultimate question – the original Surfaces were okay, but are these new Surfaces good?

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There's no turning "back" now! ...ha ha.

Rumor: Windows Phone 8.1 to kill the ‘Back’ button

lumia521_nobackLame puns aside, we’ve got more rumors of the things that Windows Phone 8.1 will contain when it hits phones in 2014. Coming from Paul Thurrott, we have a list of a few rumoured things coming to the Windows Phone platform and yes, the Back button being removed is one of those things. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, however; let’s take a look at all the things that Paul is saying. An important thing to note is that he openly admits these things come from one source, so we should all take what we’re about to read with a 26 ounce can of salt.

First up, the Back button is going away in 8.1. The logic behind this one is that users don’t know what the Back button actually does and that they also just go back to the Start screen to open new apps. Admittedly, even though I know what that button does I also just go back to the Start screen to do other things.

Multitasking is also getting some improvements, like the ability to kill apps running in the background. There may also be some notification and performance improvements in 8.1 as it’s a mess right now. The only question is, how can we bring up the task switcher if there’s no Back button at all?

There are also a few changes coming that might spell out Windows Phone replacing Windows RT. We’ve heard the rumours before that some future version of Windows Phone would be able to run Windows Runtime (8/RT Metro-style) apps, and Paul says this is coming in Windows Phone 8.1. Another interesting thing of note is that while Windows Phone 8 GDR3 is bringing support for 5″ and 6″ 1080p displays, 8.1 is bringing support for 7″ and 10″ displays.

Source: WinSuperSite
Via: The Verge

Microsoft's next tablet is stuck in the past

Is the Surface 2 already a failure?

SurfaceRT2First, an admission; I’m typing this on an original Surface RT. It was a moment of weakness – I had the opportunity to snag one for cheap just a couple of days ago, and the technophile in me just had to jump at the opportunity. Much digital ink has been spilled defending or damning the original Surface, so I won’t add to that too terribly much but to say that, as well built a device that this is, it is absolutely not a machine without its flaws.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the true problem of the Surface lies. As many positives that the tablet may have, there are just as many negatives about it as there are positives, if not more. And while Microsoft may have gone a long way towards fixing some common issues people had with the Surface at their Surface 2 event this week – the poor battery life, the abysmal performance, and the relative heft, they also managed to leave the most disappointing aspect of the device unchanged – its usability.

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Microsoft's second at bat

Microsoft to hold Surface 2 event on September 23rd, RT and Pro in hand

3286.Surface_Pro.jpg-550x0It’s no secret at this point that Microsoft hasn’t had an easy go around with their current Surface lineup, but Microsoft is hoping that their next generation of tablets will be the start of some good luck. Popular tech blog The Verge has heard that Microsoft will be holding their second generation Surface unveiling event on September 23rd – just about two weeks from now.

We’re expecting big things from Microsoft this time, though expect iteration over revolution. Microsoft’s new Surfaces are said to be remarkably similar to their current generation Surface lineup, with the Surface RT getting a nice boost to an NVidia Tegera 4 SoC, which should provide a dramatic performance improvement over the current Surface RT.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro will be getting an upgrade that it desperately needed in the form of an Intel Haswell processor. This should alleviate the biggest issues people have had with this Surface – poor battery life and heat issues, not to mention it’s fairly massive heft.

No matter what Microsoft has in store for their next generation Surface lineup, we’ll be here covering it all as it happens. You, me, Microsoft, September 23rd. We’ll see you there.

Source: The Verge

Good riddance.

Asus kills their Windows RT lineup

vivotab-rtWindows RT is useless, and today we have good news – Asus is completely dropping their selection of Windows RT devices.

Partly because of weak demand for RT devices, Asus will be focusing solely on x86 Windows 8 devices from here on out. The other part is simply because the industry says that Windows RT is a flop, with poor performing machines and no real apps that can be used to compete with Apple and Google.

At the end of the day, this is good news. Windows RT has been the cause of Microsoft taking a $900 million hit and the cause of Nvidia taking a $300 million hit; Asus remained quiet about how much they lost in their futile attempt to sell Windows RT tablets. Windows RT’s days are numbered, thanks to Microsoft’s confusing and poor explanations as to what Windows 8 and Windows RT are and thanks to Intel coming in and introducing Haswell.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: The Verge

Jen-Hsun Huang is still singing Microsoft's song though

Nvidia’s also not happy with Windows RT

nvidiategraAlthough Jen-Hsun Huang is dropping hints that they’re working on the Surface RT 2, Nvidia isn’t happy with what Surface RT 1 has cost them. You know how Microsoft lost $900 million to Surface RT? Nvidia also took heavy losses, though not as bad as Microsoft: $300 million.

The poor performance of the Tegra3 chip used in the current-generation Surface RT is thought to have played a role in the failure of Windows RT, and the fact that Microsoft just doesn’t do a good job at explaining anything to its customers. Despite that, Jen-Hsun Huang and is company are still going to charge forward with Windows RT and Tegra4, presumably. We’ll see later on if Tegra4 helps to bring Windows RT’s performance up any.

Source: Nvidia (Seeking Alpha, registration required)
Via: The Verge


NVIDIA hints at Surface RT 2

surfaceproWe’ve been hearing hints of there being a Surface 2 out there, but since Microsoft is the “new” Apple, everything we hear has been rumor and speculation; today is no exception. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told CNET that they were “working really hard” on the next generation Surface, indicating that the next generation of Surface RTs might be powered by the Tegra4.

Several months ago, Huang said that one of the big disappointments with Windows RT was that it didn’t come with Microsoft Office Outlook. Today, Huang says that “we’re going to bring [Outlook] with the second-generation Surface.” So, what will Surface RT 2 bring, aside from Windows 8.1 and Outlook RT? That announcement can’t be too much longer, as fall is coming and that’s usually when the tech giants hold launches to build hype for the holiday season.

Source: CNET
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That dancing commercial didn't work

Microsoft takes a $900 million loss on Surface RT

microsoftsurfaceI guess it’s pretty clear why Microsoft lowered the price of the Surface RT now if it wasn’t before – we had suspected that it was because of poor sales, but things appear to be much, much worse than we ever thought possible; Microsoft’s quarterly reports have indicated that the company has taken a whopping $900 million loss on the Windows RT tablet that the company has bet so much on.

The Surface RT was introduced to a huge publicity and marketing blitz by Microsoft last year, with the company even going so far as throwing an elaborate launch party in the entirety of Time Square, New York City  to celebrate.

The $900 million loss was cut from the Windows department’s total revenue, which surprisingly still managed to see a slight bump in profits from this time last year. Microsoft has recently been rumored to be preparing for the launch of a 2nd Generation Microsoft Surface RT, likely with a slimmer body, higher quality screen, Windows 8.1, more powerful internals, and a host of new accessories to take advantage of that infamous Surface connector. Microsoft is also rumored to be preparing to bring a 7″ Surface tablet onto market to compete with the likes of the iPad mini, which would be a perfect fit for Windows 8.1’s improved support for lower resolution displays.

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Source: Microsoft