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It's still Trident, though

Microsoft working on new, lightweight web browser for Windows 10


The ever reliable Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft on ZDNet is reporting that, despite expectations that Microsoft is working on developing Internet Explorer 12, Microsoft is in fact working on an entirely new web browser developed from the ground up using the existing Trident core. The new web browser, which is expected to ship alongside Windows 10 and is codenamed Spartan, sticking with Microsoft’s Halo inspired codenames for the next version of Windows, will feature versions both native to the “Modern” tablet experience as well as the desktop.

Microsoft will reportedly ship Windows 10 with both the new Spartan web browser alongside the existing version of Internet Explorer 11 found on Windows 8.1 devices for backwards compatibility purposes. According to Jo’s sources, “Spartan” will feature a brand new, streamlined, user experience that more closely resembles other modern web browsers, including Google’s Chrome and newer versions of Mozilla Firefox.

Despite the new name and the new look, “Spartan” will still very much remain a traditional Microsoft web browser. Microsoft is reportedly using an updated version of the Trident core that has been found in every version of Internet Explorer since its inception, and it will continue to use the impressive Chakra JavaScript engine for fast performance. As a bonus for both users and developers, Spartan will also include a new Extensions engine similar to those found in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Microsoft may not be on track to ship a beta version of “Spartan” in time for the official Windows 10 Consumer Preview in January, however it will likely ship with a future build pushed to Windows Insiders not long after.

Source: All About Microsoft

I'm going to make it call me Chief

Microsoft bringing Cortana to Windows 9 “Threshold”


Microsoft made a splash with Cortana when Windows Phone 8.1 finally launched a couple of months ago, and after months of testing people have gotten a pretty good idea of how accurate and useful Microsoft’s Siri alternative truly is – and as it turns out, Cortana is actually pretty impressive. It should come as little surprise then that Microsoft is working on bringing its Cortana Personal Assistant  to the next major version of Windows, Codename “Threshold”, which will likely be named Windows 9 upon its release in 2015. According to Neowin, who has provided accurate information in the past, current development builds of Windows Threshold actually do have placeholders for Cortana, however it has yet to be fully realized in the most recent builds.

Rumor has it Microsoft will integrate Cortana deeply into the core of the operating system, as opposed to acting as just a separate application that runs on top of the operating system. Microsoft currently takes a similar approach to Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Threshold is rumored to be announced later this year at an upcoming Special Event alongside an early Developer Preview of the operating system and will be home to a significant reworking of the way Windows currently works and looks. Recent rumors indicate that Microsoft is killing off the much loathed Charms bar in Threshold while also bringing native support for virtual desktops – a feature that has been in most Linux distributions and Mac OS X for quite some time now.

Recently leaked screenshots have also revealed that Microsoft has reimplemented a newly redesigned version of the Start Menu in Windows Threshold, which seems to be a monster mash between the Windows 7-era Start Menu and the Windows 8 Start Screen. Recently opened applications are seen on the left side of the Start Menu while the right is dominated by live updating tiles, which users could presumably pin for easy access to glanceable information.


Start Me Up

(April Fools 2014) First Look: Windows 9

Windows-8-Logo1We’re here just one day before //BUILD/ 2014 and yet we’ve gotten ahold of a Windows 9 build. The rumor mill has suggested for some time that the next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold, will contain many changes to the Windows UI to make it more desktop-friendly as it should be. The changes include bringing back the good old Start Menu, Boot to Desktop by default and the ability to run applications in a window.

As I just stated, we’ve acquired a Windows 9 build and we can confirm these changes and many, many more. In fact, Windows 9 is shaping up to be much more than a return to sanity – it’s a complete redesign of everything in Windows from the ground up; everything from Setup to day-to-day use has been changed. And yet it feels familiar and easy to use, something that Windows 8 certainly isn’t.

So if you’re ready to see what Microsoft has in store for Windows 9, check after the break.

Correcting the worst wrong of Windows 8

Rumor: Start Menu to return in Windows ‘Threshold’

win81preview-startbuttonWe all love our Start Menu and were all very put off when Microsoft did away with it in Windows 8. Then in Windows 8.1, the Start button returned but still dropped you into that thing called Metro. Fear no more, today we have another rumor that the beloved Start Menu will be making a return in Windows ‘Threshold’.

These changes come as part of more UI revisions in Windows. Paul Thurrot wasn’t sure at this time if all versions of Threshold would get the Start Menu; it seems likely it will only return in desktop Windows and not Windows RT. If this is true, Threshold will correct one of the worst mistakes Microsoft ever made in Windows 8. Another interesting change in addition to the Start Menu is the ability to run Metro-style apps in a window, much like Stardock’s ModernMix.

Without a leak of a Threshold build, we can’t confirm these reports – but we most certainly hope that they both are true. If they are, I suspect Threshold might just be one of the most popular versions of Windows yet.

Source: WinSuperSite, ZDNet
Via: The Verge

Slated for early 2015 release

Windows Codename “Threshold” is the next major version of Windows in development

Windows-8-Logo1Windows 8.1, which was originally codenamed “Blue,” is now officially out the door and into the hands of the general public – and you know what that means, Microsoft has already feverishly begun work on the next major new version of Windows. According to the ever reliable Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, that new version is currently dubbed Windows Codename “Threshold” – and it’s coming sooner than you might think, currently slated for a Spring 2015 release.

While details are, of course, quite sparse on Threshold at the moment, Mary Jo believes that the next version of Windows will come even closer towards unifying Microsoft’s big three Windows NT based products – traditional “Windows”, Windows Phone, and Xbox – all of which run on the same codebase as we speak. Threshold could hypothetically unify the three platform’s app stores, allowing developers to create one version of an app that works on your phone, computer, and television.

It’s not yet known what NT version Threshold will carry – it would make sense to assume that Windows NT 6.4 is the most logical choice in order to maintain compatibility with more applications and drivers that already exist in the Windows ecosystem – however Microsoft has been resting on the NT 6 kernel for quite some time now, and it could be time for a more significant upgrade to arise.

We’ll keep you in the know on Windows Threshold going forwards, so keep an eye out.

Source: ZDNet