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Forget it, pack it up, we're going home

CES proves 2015 is the year of the smartwatch enabled wearable pleasure tech by OhMiBod


While CES can bring us some pretty cool innovations and new technologies, it can also introduce plenty of truly “WTF” moments. Oh, and on that note, WTF. OhMiBod is apparently a regular manufacturer at CES, and this year they truly went all out with their latest and greatest: a Bluetooth “massager” that syncs with that Apple Watch you aren’t even wearing yet for in order to keep track and control your, uh, you know, pleasure levels. Or something.

Apparently, your Apple Watch will control the way that “massager” vibrates, used to – and this is a quote from Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod, and apparently a very strange woman, “create the vibrations that drive his or her partner’s pleasure, […] (and) also determines the strength and intensity of those vibrations.”

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also be able to use your voice to record “vibration patterns” that you can push to your “massager” to really personalize your intimate time in ways that nobody could haver ever, ever, ever dreamt before, unless you want did in which case hey, more power to you.

OhMiBod promises that new features will be coming to their “massagers” as early as March 2015, all based on the company’s existing “Cuddle and Share” product. And with that, I am officially done.

Source: HeraldOnline

This just doesn't sound like a good idea

Would you eat it? KFC introduces “deep fried soup”

I know that I am certainly not the king of healthy foods (just check out what I had for lunch yesterday), but there’s a line that even I won’t cross. KFC’s newest concoction, which is currently only being sold in Japan, crosses that line and about fifteen more. Yes, you read the title right – KFC has just started selling what they’re advertising as “deep fried soup”.


KFC says that the deep fried soup consists of creamy corn porridge with whole corn kernels intact on the inside, but judging by the photo above I call it a horrible monstrosity that must be killed now. KFC also claims that the recipe is a tweaked version of a Colonel Sanders original recipe, originally called “potato bacon fritters”, which KFC tweaked to develop these alien beings.

What do you think? Are you as scared as I am, or are you booking your plane ticket to Japan right now? Is this merely evidence of an incoming Zombie evasion? Let us know what you think, and if you’d eat it.

Via: Darya Rose (Twitter)
Source: FastCompany